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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Dec-20083640 unique EST clusters from the medaka testis and their potential use for identifying conserved testicular gene expression in fish and mammalsLo, L. ; Zhang, Z.; Hong, N.; Peng, J. ; Hong, Y. 
1-Nov-20133D chromosome modeling with semi-definite programming and Hi-C dataZhang, Z.; Li, G.; Toh, K.-C. ; Sung, W.-K. 
20103D Upper limb motion modeling and estimation using wearable micro-sensorsZhang, Z.; Wong, L.W.C. ; Wu, J.-K.
2010A concurrent dual-band doherty power amplifierLi, X.; Chen, W.; Zhang, Z.; Feng, Z.; Tang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. 
2006A content-aware stream authentication scheme optimized for distortion and overheadZhang, Z.; Sun, Q.; Wong, W.-C. ; Apostolopoulos, J.; Wee, S.
2002A critical assessment of the neurodestructive and neuroprotective effects of nitric oxideLeong, S.-K. ; Ruan, R.-S. ; Zhang, Z.
Oct-2011A Disalicylic Acid-Furanyl Derivative Inhibits Ephrin Binding to a Subset of Eph ReceptorsNoberini, R.; De, S.K.; Zhang, Z.; Wu, B.; Raveendra-Panickar, D.; Chen, V.; Vazquez, J.; Qin, H. ; Song, J. ; Cosford, N.D.P.; Pellecchia, M.; Pasquale, E.B.
7-Oct-2014A general framework of hierarchical clustering and its applicationsCai, R.; Zhang, Z.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Dai, C.; Hao, Z.
2-Mar-2005A general low-temperature route for large-scale fabrication of highly oriented ZnO nanorod/nanotube arraysYu, H.; Zhang, Z.; Han, M. ; Hao, X.; Zhu, F. 
2011A hybrid framework for genome wide epistasis discoveryTan, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, J.; Kwoh, C.K.; Ong, S.H. ; Teo, Y.Y. ; Khor, C.C. ; Tai, E.S.; Aung, T.; Vithana, E.; Wong, T.Y. 
Feb-2007A Mechanistic Interaction Remains to Be Determined for Elevated NTproBNP in Heart Failure Patients Receiving Both an ACE Inhibitor and AspirinMcLachlan, C.S. ; Zhang, Z.; Mossop, P.
Oct-2012A new biosensor for chiral recognition using goat and rabbit serum albumin self-assembled quartz crystal microbalanceChen, W.-J.; Zhang, S. ; Zhang, W.-G.; Fan, J.; Yin, X.; Zheng, S.-R.; Su, W.-C.; Zhang, Z.; Hong, T.
2005A proposal of butterfly-graph based stream authentication over lossy networksZhang, Z.; Sun, Q.; Wong, W.-C. 
22-Mar-2010A reversible dual-response fluorescence switch for the detection of multiple analytesGeng, J.; Liu, P.; Liu, B.; Guan, G.; Zhang, Z.; Han, M.-Y. 
Mar-2014A saliency-driven robotic head with bio-inspired saccadic behaviors for social roboticsHe, H.; Ge, S.S. ; Zhang, Z.
2013ABACUS: An auction-based approach to cloud service differentiationZhang, Z.; Ma, R.T.B. ; Ding, J.; Yang, Y.
28-Jun-2006Aggregation-driven growth of well-oriented ZnO nanorod arraysZhang, Z.; Yu, H.; Wang, Y.; Han, M.-Y. 
28-Dec-2011Amphiphilic star-block copolymers and supramolecular transformation of nanogel-like micelles to nanovesiclesZhu, J.-L.; Liu, K.L.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, X.-Z.; Li, J. 
2012An adaptive updating protocol for reducing moving object database workloadChen, S. ; Ooi, B.C. ; Zhang, Z.
2009An automatic diagnosis system of nuclear cataract using slit-lamp imagesLi, H.; Lim, J.H.; Liu, J.; Wong, D.W.K.; Tan, N.M.; Lu, S.; Zhang, Z.; Wong, T.Y.