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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A chromosome-level genome assembly of the Asian arowana, Scleropages formosusLi, J; Bian, C; Hu, Y; Mu, X; Shen, X; Ravi, V; Kuznetsova, I.S; Sun, Y; You, X; Qiu, Y; Zhang, X; Yu, H; Huang, Y; Xu, P; Gu, R; Xu, J; Orbán, L; Venkatesh, B ; Shi, Q
2014A multimode responsive aptasensor for adenosine detectionZhao, N; Zhao, D; Xu, L.-P; Chen, L ; Wen, Y; Zhang, X
2015A reweighted ?2 method for image restoration with poisson and mixed Poisson-Gaussian noiseLi, J ; Shen, Z ; Yin, R; Zhang, X
2015An oncogenic role of Agrin in regulating focal adhesion integrity in hepatocellular carcinomaChakraborty, S; Lakshmanan, M; Swa, H.L.F; Chen, J; Zhang, X; Ong, Y.S; Loo, L.S; Aklncllar, S.C; Gunaratne, J ; Tergaonkar, V ; Hui, K.M; Hong, W 
2016Artemin is hypoxia responsive and promotes oncogenicity and increased tumor initiating capacity in hepatocellular carcinomaZhang, M; Zhang, W; Wu, Z; Liu, S; Sun, L; Zhong, Y; Zhang, X; Kong, X; Qian, P; Zhang, H; Lobie, P.E ; Zhu, T
2018Atomic Scale Modulation of Self-Rectifying Resistive Switching by Interfacial DefectsWu, X; Yu, K; Cha, D; Bosman, M ; Raghavan, N; Zhang, X; Li, K; Liu, Q; Sun, L; Pey, K
1-Sep-2019Attending to Emotional NarrativesWu, Z; Zhang, X; Zhi-Xuan, T; Zaki, J; Ong, DC 
2012Birth weight differences between preterm stillbirths and live births: analysis of population-based studies from the U.S. and SwedenZhang, X; Joseph, K.S; Cnattingius, S; Kramer, M.S 
2015Blocking the PI3K/AKT pathway enhances mammalian reovirus replication by repressing IFN-stimulated genesTian, J; Zhang, X; Wu, H; Liu, C; Li, Z; Hu, X; Su, S; Wang, L.-F ; Qu, L
2018CardioClassifier: disease- and gene-specific computational decision support for clinical genome interpretationWhiffin, N; Walsh, R; Govind, R; Edwards, M; Ahmad, M; Zhang, X; Tayal, U; Buchan, R; Midwinter, W; Wilk, A.E; Najgebauer, H; Francis, C; Wilkinson, S; Monk, T; Brett, L; O’Regan, D.P; Prasad, S.K; Morris-Rosendahl, D.J; Barton, P.J.R; Edwards, E; Ware, J.S; Cook, S.A 
2018Chinese translation and psychometric testing of the cardiac self-efficacy scale in patients with coronary heart disease in mainland ChinaZhang, X; Zhan, Y; Liu, J; Chai, S; Xu, L; Lei, M; Koh, K.W.L ; Jiang, Y ; Wang, W 
2016Collective atomic scattering and motional effects in a dense coherent mediumBromley, S.L; Zhu, B; Bishof, M; Zhang, X; Bothwell, T; Schachenmayer, J; Nicholson, T.L ; Kaiser, R; Yelin, S.F; Lukin, M.D; Rey, A.M; Ye, J
2014Complex MSH2 and MSH6 mutations in hypermutated microsatellite unstable advanced prostate cancerPritchard, C.C; Morrissey, C; Kumar, A ; Zhang, X; Smith, C; Coleman, I; Salipante, S.J; Milbank, J; Yu, M; Grady, W.M; Tait, J.F; Corey, E; Vessella, R.L; Walsh, T; Shendure, J; Nelson, P.S
2016Detecting Thermal Cloaks via Transient EffectsSklan, S.R; Bai, X ; Li, B; Zhang, X
2015Differences in perinatal and infant mortality in high-income countries: Artifacts of birth registration or evidence of true differences?Deb-Rinker, P; León, J.A; Gilbert, N.L; Rouleau, J; Andersen, A.-M.N; Bjarnadóttir, R.I; Gissler, M; Mortensen, L.H; Skjærven, R; Vollset, S.E; Zhang, X; Shah, P.S; Sauve, R.S; Kramer, M.S ; Joseph, K.S; for the Canadian Perinatal Surveillance System (Public Health Agency of Canad
2017Formation of secondary organic aerosol coating on black carbon particles near vehicular emissionsLee, A.K.Y ; Chen, C.-L; Liu, J; Price, D.J; Betha, R; Russell, L.M; Zhang, X; Cappa, C.D
2016Forming heterojunction: An effective strategy to enhance the photocatalytic efficiency of a new metal-free organic photocatalyst for water splittingLi, H; Hu, H; Bao, C; Guo, F; Zhang, X; Liu, X; Hua, J; Tan, J; Wang, A ; Zhou, H; Yang, B; Qu, Y; Liu, X
2018Interpreting the fuzzy semantics of natural-language spatial relation terms with the fuzzy random forest algorithmWang, X; Du, S; Feng, C.-C ; Zhang, X; Zhang, X
2018Longitudinal single-cell RNA sequencing of patient-derived primary cells reveals drug-induced infidelity in stem cell hierarchySharma, A; Cao, E.Y; Kumar, V; Zhang, X; Leong, H.S; Wong, A.M.L; Ramakrishnan, N; Hakimullah, M; Teo, H.M.V; Chong, F.T; Chia, S; Thangavelu, M.T; Kwang, X.L; Gupta, R; Clark, J.R; Periyasamy, G; Iyer, N.G ; DasGupta, R
1997Mild congenital muscular dystrophy in two patients with an internally deleted laminin α2-chainAllamand, V; Sunada, Y; Salih, M.A.M; Straub, V; Ozo, C.O; Al-Turaiki, M.H.S; Akbar, M; Kolo, T; Colognato, H; Zhang, X; Sorokin, L.M; Yurchenco, P.D; Tryggvason, K ; Campbell, K.P