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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A close-ring pair terahertz metamaterial resonating at normal incidenceGu, J.; Han, J. ; Lu, X.; Singh, R.; Tian, Z.; Xing, Q.; Zhang, W.
Dec-2011A drug-laden elastomer for surgical treatment of anal fistulaLi, H. ; Jiang, B.; Yan, J.; Yang, Z.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, W.; Choy, A.C.; Lee, C.-Y.M.; Kang, L. 
15-Jun-2013A genetic and developmental pathway from STAT3 to the OCT4-NANOG circuit is essential for maintenance of ICM lineages in vivoDo, D.V.; Ueda, J.; Messerschmidt, D.M.; Lorthongpanich, C.; Zhou, Y.; Feng, B.; Guo, G.; Lin, P.J.; Hossain, M.Z.; Zhang, W.; Moh, A.; Wu, Q. ; Robson, P.; Ng, H.H.; Poellinger, L.; Knowles, B.B.; Solter, D.; Fu, X.-Y.
1-Jan-2006A global Implicit Function Theorem without initial point and its applications to control of non-affine systems of high dimensionsZhang, W.; Ge, S.S. 
2011A hilbert curve-based delay fault characterization method for FPGAsZhang, W.; Ha, Y. 
2014A joint modelling approach for longitudinal studiesZhang, W.; Leng, C. ; Tang, C.Y.
2012A lazy learning model for entity linking using query-specific informationZhang, W.; Su, J.; Tan, C.L. ; Cao, Y.; Yewlin, C.
Jan-2003A model for bubble formation and weeping at a submerged orifice with liquid cross-flowZhang, W.; Tan, R.B.H. 
Mar-2012A moving average Cholesky factor model in covariance modelling for longitudinal dataZhang, W.; Leng, C. 
2000A predictive model for helical end milling forcesLi, H.; Zhang, W.; Li, X. 
Jun-2011A semiparametric threshold model for censored longitudinal data analysisLi, J. ; Zhang, W.
2012Advanced characterisation of silicon wafer solar cellsHoex, B. ; Zhang, W.; Aberle, A.G. 
2011Advanced loss analysis method for silicon wafer solar cellsAberle, A.G. ; Zhang, W.; Hoex, B. 
2005An algorithm for Melnikov functions and application to a chaotic rotorJian-Xin, X. ; Yan, R.; Zhang, W.
2000An efficient evaluation of a fuzzy equi-join using fuzzy equality indicatorsZhang, W.; Wang, K. 
2013An error driven approach to query segmentationZhang, W.; Cao, Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; Su, J.; Tan, C.-L. 
Dec-2000An initial boundary value problem of Camassa-Holm equationKwek, K.-H. ; Gao, H.; Zhang, W.; Qu, C.
Nov-2006An integration framework for digital progressive die design and manufacturingWang, G.; Zhang, W.; Nee, A.Y.C. 
26-Oct-2009Analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency in a terahertz metamaterialChiam, S.-Y. ; Singh, R.; Rockstuhl, C.; Lederer, F.; Zhang, W.; Bettiol, A.A. 
2009Analysis of continuous attractors for 2-D linear threshold neural networksZou, L.; Tang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Zhang, W.