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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994A comparative study of monomer, homopolymer and copolymer HALSPan, J.; Yang, Z.; Zhang, T.; Lau, W.W.Y. ; Lee, C.S.
1998A direct approach to adaptive controller design and its application to inverted pendulum trackingGe, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. ; Zhang, T.
17-Aug-1999A direct method for robust adaptive nonlinear control with guaranteed transient performanceGe, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. ; Zhang, T.
2010A generic framework for event detection in various video domainsZhang, T.; Xu, C.; Zhu, G. ; Liu, S. ; Lu, H.
2012A generic framework for video annotation via semi-supervised learningZhang, T.; Xu, C.; Zhu, G. ; Liu, S.; Lu, H.
13-Jan-2006A global map of p53 transcription-factor binding sites in the human genomeWei, C.-L.; Wu, Q.; Vega, V.B.; Chiu, K.P.; Ng, P.; Zhang, T.; Shahab, A.; Yong, H.C.; Fu, Y.; Weng, Z.; Liu, J.; Zhao, X.D.; Chew, J.-L.; Lee, Y.L.; Kuznetsov, V.A.; Sung, W.-K.; Miller, L.D.; Lim, B.; Liu, E.T.; Yu, Q.; Ng, H.-H. ; Ruan, Y.
1998Adaptive control of first-order systems with nonlinear parameterizationZhang, T.; Ge, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. ; Chai, T.Y.
Aug-2000Adaptive control of first-order systems with nonlinear parameterizationZhang, T.; Ge, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. ; Chai, T.Y.
Dec-2000Adaptive neural network control for strict-feedback nonlinear systems using backstepping designZhang, T.; Ge, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. 
1999Adaptive neural network control of nonlinear systems by state and output feedbackGe, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. ; Zhang, T.
2009Adaptive neural network tracking control of MIMO nonlinear systems with unknown dead zones and control directionsZhang, T.; Ge, S.S. 
1998Adaptive output feedback control for general nonlinear systems using multilayer neural networksZhang, T.; Ge, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. 
2007Adaptive variable structure control of SISO nonlinear systems with time-varying delays and unknown dead-zone inputZhang, T.; Ge, S.S. 
15-Oct-2012Analysis of a device model for organic pseudo-bilayer solar cellsZhang, T.; Birgersson, E. ; Ananthanarayanan, K.; Yong, C.H.; Thummalakunta, L.N.S.A.; Luther, J.
2008Analysis of the performance of safety-critical systems with diagnosis and periodic inspectionZhang, T.; Wang, Y.; Xie, M. 
3-Sep-2008Arsenic(II) sulfide quantum dots prepared by a wet process from its bulkWang, J. ; Lin, M.; Zhang, T.; Yan, Y. ; Ho, P.C. ; Xu, Q.-H. ; Kian, P.L. 
Dec-2012Autophagy is a cell self-protective mechanism against arsenic-induced cell transformationZhang, T.; Qi, Y.; Liao, M.; Xu, M.; Bower, K.A.; Frank, J.A.; Shen, H.-M. ; Luo, J.; Shi, X.; Chen, G.
14-Aug-2012Bridged-triarylamine starburst oligomers as hole transporting materials for electroluminescent devicesFang, Z. ; Chellappan, V.; Webster, R.D.; Ke, L.; Zhang, T.; Liu, B. ; Lai, Y.-H. 
Jul-2008Bypass decoding: A reduced-complexity decoding technique for LDPC-coded MIMO-OFDM systemsXin, Y. ; Mujtaba, S.A.; Zhang, T.; Jiang, J. 
2014Characteristics of modern atmospheric dust deposition in snow in the Mt. Yulong region, southeastern Tibetan PlateauNiu, H.; He, Y.; Lu, X.X. ; Dong, Z.; Zhao, G.; Zhang, T.; Du, J.