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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20053-Dimensional orthodontics visualization system with dental study models and orthopantomogramsZhang, H.; Ong, S.H. ; Foong, K.W.C. ; Dhar, T.
2005A Bayesian Network approach to rational architectural designZhang, H.; Jarzabek, S. 
Dec-2010A brain controlled wheelchair to navigate in familiar environmentsRebsamen, B. ; Guan, C.; Zhang, H.; Wang, C.; Teo, C.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Burdet, E.
24-Oct-2012A Brain-Computer Interface Based Attention Training Program for Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderLim, C.G.; Lee, T.S. ; Guan, C.; Fung, D.S.S.; Zhao, Y.; Teng, S.S.W.; Zhang, H.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
18-Nov-2013A brain-computer interface based cognitive training system for healthy elderly: A randomized control pilot study for usability and preliminary efficacyLee, T.-S. ; Goh, S.J.A.; Quek, S.Y.; Phillips, R.; Guan, C.; Cheung, Y.B. ; Feng, L.; Teng, S.S.W.; Wang, C.C.; Chin, Z.Y.; Zhang, H.; Ng, T.P.; Lee, J.; Keefe, R.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
2006A brain-controlled wheelchair based on P300 and path guidanceRebsamen, B. ; Burdet, E. ; Guan, C.; Zhang, H.; Teo, C.L. ; Zeng, Q.; Ang, M. ; Laugier, C.
Sep-2013A Cullin1-Based SCF E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Targets the InR/PI3K/TOR Pathway to Regulate Neuronal PruningWong, J.J.L.; Li, S.; Lim, E.K.H.; Wang, Y.; Wang, C.; Zhang, H.; Kirilly, D.; Wu, C.; Liou, Y.-C. ; Wang, H. ; Yu, F. 
2010A genome-wide association study of nasopharyngeal carcinoma identifies three new susceptibility lociBei, J.-X.; Jia, W.-H.; Feng, B.-J.; Chen, L.-Z.; Feng, Q.-S.; Kang, T.; Liu, J.; Zeng, Y.-X.; Li, Y.; Low, H.-Q.; Zhou, G.; Zhang, H.; He, F.; Tai, E.S. ; Liu, E.T.
11-Oct-2011A graphene-conjugated oligomer hybrid probe for light-up sensing of lectin and Escherichia coliWang, L.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Li, J.; Qi, X.; Li, H.; Zhang, H.; Fan, C.; Liu, B. 
2010A hybrid approach to feature-oriented programming in XVCLZhang, H.; Jarzabek, S. 
2005A kernel autoassociator approach to pattern classificationZhang, H.; Huang, W.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Zhang, B.
2001A monolithic shape memory alloy microgripper for 3-D assembly of tissue engineering scaffoldsZhang, H.; Bellouard, Y.; Sidler, T.; Burdet, E. ; Poo, A.-N. ; Clavel, R.
Jul-2013A multi-stage fluctuation smoothing method for multiple bottlenecks in wafer fabricationHu, H.; Zhen, L.; Sun, Z. ; Zhang, H.
2013A novel graphene-polysulfide anode material for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesAi, W.; Xie, L.; Du, Z.; Zeng, Z.; Liu, J.; Zhang, H.; Huang, Y.; Huang, W.; Yu, T. 
2004A particle filtering framework with indirect measurements for visual trackingZhang, H.; Huang, W.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Zhang, B.
2013A rationally designed nitrogen-rich metal-organic framework and its exceptionally high CO2 and H2 uptake capabilityWang, X.-J.; Li, P.-Z.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, H.; Chan, X.X.; Ganguly, R.; Li, Y.; Jiang, J. ; Zhao, Y.
2006A taxonomy of manufacturing strategies in ChinaZhao, X.; Sum, C.-C. ; Qi, Y.; Zhang, H.; Lee, T.-S.
2012Active learning for social image retrieval using Locally Regressive Optimal DesignFeng, Y.; Xiao, J.; Zha, Z. ; Zhang, H.; Yang, Y.
2005Affine object tracking with kernel-based spatial-color representationZhang, H.; Huang, W.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Li, L.
2008Agent-based simulation of a specialty chemicals supply chainZhang, H.; Wong, C.W.K.; Adhitya, A.; Srinivasan, R.