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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A cle-wox signalling module regulates root meristem maintenance and vascular tissue development in riceChu, H.; Liang, W.; Li, J.; Hong, F.; Wu, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, J.; Wu, P.; Liu, C.; Zhang, Q.; Xu, J. ; Zhang, D.
13-Aug-2008A fluorescent glycolipid-binding peptide probe traces cholesterol dependent microdomain-derived trafficking pathwaysSteinert, S.; Lee, E.; Tresset, G.; Zhang, D.; Hortsch, R.; Wetzel, R.; Hebbar, S.; Sundram, J.R. ; Kesavapany, S.; Boschke, E.; Kraut, R.
Jan-2004A goodness-of-fit test for single-index modelsXia, Y. ; Li, W.K.; Tong, H.; Zhang, D.
Apr-2013A Mechanistic Paradigm for Broad-Spectrum Antivirals that Target Virus-Cell FusionVigant, F.; Lee, J.; Hollmann, A.; Tanner, L.B.; Akyol Ataman, Z.; Yun, T.; Shui, G. ; Aguilar, H.C.; Zhang, D.; Meriwether, D.; Roman-Sosa, G.; Robinson, L.R.; Juelich, T.L.; Buczkowski, H.; Chou, S.; Castanho, M.A.R.B.; Wolf, M.C.; Smith, J.K.; Banyard, A.; Kielian, M.; Reddy, S.; Wenk, M.R.; Selke, M.; Santos, N.C.; Freiberg, A.N.; Jung, M.E.; Lee, B.
16-Jan-2003A motif rich in charged residues determines product specificity in isomaltulose synthaseZhang, D.; Li, N. ; Swaminathan, K. ; Zhang, L.-H. 
2005A peer-to-peer architecture for context lookupGu, T.; Tan, E.; Pung, H.K. ; Zhang, D.
2005A peer-to-peer overlay for context information searchGu, T.; Pung, H.K. ; Zhang, D.
2007A semantic P2P framework for building context-aware applications in multiple smart spacesGu, T.; Pung, H.K. ; Zhang, D.
2007A service collaboration strategy for MANETsZheng, S.; Zhang, D.; Ngoh, L.H.; Guo, H.; Ni, X.; Mohan, G. 
2005A simple probabilistic approach to learning from positive and unlabeled examplesZhang, D.; Lee, W.S. 
2007A two-tier semantic overlay network for P2P searchGu, T.; Zhang, D.; Pung, H.K. 
15-Oct-2009Alternate raft pathways cooperate to mediate slow diffusion and efficient uptake of a sphingolipid tracer to degradative and recycling compartmentsZhang, D.; Manna, M.; Wohland, T. ; Kraut, R.
2010An affordable augmented reality based rehabilitation system for hand motionsZhang, D.; Shen, Y. ; Ong, S.K. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
2010An investigation of the effects of website aesthetics and usability on online shoppers' purchase intentionJiang, Z. ; Qiu, L.; Yi, C. ; Choi, B.; Zhang, D.
2009An ontology-based P2P network for semantic searchGu, T.; Zhang, D.; Pung, H.K. 
2007Bax and the mitochondrial permeability transition cooperate in the release of cytochrome c during endoplasmic reticulum-stress-induced apoptosisZhang, D.; Armstrong, J.S. 
5-Mar-2013Biological detoxification of furfural and 5-hydroxyl methyl furfural in hydrolysate of oil palm empty fruit bunch by Enterobacter sp. FDS8Zhang, D.; Ong, Y.L.; Li, Z. ; Wu, J.C.
Jul-2008Characterization of Mn-Zn ferrites using the coaxial transmission line methodHuang, R. ; Zhang, D.
2012Context gateway for physical spacesXue, W.; Pung, H.K. ; Sen, S.; Zhu, J.; Zhang, D.
2007Context-aware service discovery in ubiquitous computingGuo, H.; Zhang, D.; Ngoh, L.-H.; Zheng, S.; Wong, W.-C.