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21-Aug-2013A ratiometric fluorescent dye for the detection of glutathione in live cells and liver cancer tissueZhai, D.; Lee, S.-C.; Yun, S.-W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2011Bodipy-diacrylate imaging probes for targeted proteins inside live cellsLee, J.-J.; Lee, S.-C.; Zhai, D.; Ahn, Y.-H.; Yeo, H.Y.; Tan, Y.L.; Chang, Y.-T. 
8-Aug-2012Combinatorial strategies in fluorescent probe developmentVendrell, M.; Zhai, D.; Er, J.C.; Chang, Y.-T. 
5-Jun-2013Development of a chalcone-triazine fusion library: Combination of a fluorophore and biophoreLee, S.-C.; Zhai, D.; Chang, Y.-T. 
14-Jul-2013Development of a fluorescent sensor for an illicit date rape drug-GBLZhai, D.; Agrawalla, B.K.; Eng, P.S.F.; Lee, S.-C.; Xu, W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
18-Mar-2014Development of a fluorescent sensor for illicit date rape drug GHBZhai, D.; Tan, Y.Q.E.; Xu, W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
1-Jan-2013Discovery of a chondroitin 4-sulphate fluorescent probeLee, S.-C.; Zhai, D.; Chang, Y.-T. 
9-Sep-2013Fluorescent dye cocktail for multiplex drug-site mapping on human serum albuminEr, J.C.; Vendrell, M.; Tang, M.K.; Zhai, D.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2013Make caffeine visible: A fluorescent caffeine "traffic light" detectorXu, W.; Kim, T.-H.; Zhai, D.; Er, J.C.; Zhang, L.; Kale, A.A.; Agrawalla, B.K.; Cho, Y.-K.; Chang, Y.-T. 
26-Jun-2012Neural stem cell specific fluorescent chemical probe binding to FABP7Yun, S.-W.; Leong, C.; Zhai, D.; Tan, Y.L.; Lim, L.; Bi, X.; Lee, J.-J.; Kim, H.J. ; Kang, N.-Y.; Ng, S.H.; Stanton, L.W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
7-Aug-2011Solid-phase synthesis of BODIPY dyes and development of an immunoglobulin fluorescent sensorVendrell, M.; Krishna, G.G. ; Ghosh, K.K.; Zhai, D.; Lee, J.-S. ; Zhu, Q. ; Yau, Y.H.; Shochat, S.G.; Kim, H.; Chung, J.; Chang, Y.-T. 
13-Feb-2012Synthesis of a novel BODIPY library and its application in the discovery of a fructose sensorZhai, D.; Lee, S.-C.; Vendrell, M.; Leong, L.P. ; Chang, Y.-T. 
2013The development of novel near-infrared (NIR) tetraarylazadipyrromethene fluorescent dyesLee, S.-C.; Zhai, D.; Mukherjee, P.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Oct-2008Theoretical study of spectroscopic parameters of alkali -Al and alkaline earth-Al dimersWang, J.; Zhai, D.; Guo, F.; Ouyang, Y.; Du, Y.; Feng, Y.