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May-20102nd International Conference on Advanced Tribology (iCAT2008), 3-5 December 2008, SingaporeSatyanarayana, N. ; Huei Choo, J.; Lim, C. ; Zeng, X.; Sinha, S.K. ; Lim, S.C. 
2011All-solid-state thin film microbatteries fabricated by rf sputteringFeng, J.K. ; Lai, M.O. ; Zeng, X.; Huang, Z.; Lu, L. 
Aug-2013Cholic acid-functionalized nanoparticles of star-shaped PLGA-vitamin E TPGS copolymer for docetaxel delivery to cervical cancerZeng, X.; Tao, W.; Mei, L.; Huang, L.; Tan, C.; Feng, S.-S. 
Feb-2014Co-delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs with vitamin E TPGS by porous PLGA nanoparticles for enhanced chemotherapy against multi-drug resistanceZhu, H.; Chen, H.; Zeng, X.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, X.; Wu, Y.; Gao, Y.; Zhang, J.; Liu, K.; Liu, R.; Cai, L.; Mei, L.; Feng, S.-S. 
Sep-2012Electrochemical property of LiMn2O4 in over-discharged conditionsFeng, J. ; Song, B.; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L. ; Zeng, X.; Huang, Z.
31-Jul-2009Fabrication and characterization of poly(l-lactic acid) 3D nanofibrous scaffolds with controlled architecture by liquid-liquid phase separation from a ternary polymer-solvent systemHe, L. ; Zhang, Y.; Zeng, X.; Quan, D.; Liao, S. ; Zeng, Y.; Lu, J.; Ramakrishna, S. 
15-Aug-2012In silico identification of human pregnane X receptor activators from molecular descriptors by machine learning approachesRao, H.; Wang, Y.; Zeng, X.; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Yin, J.; He, H.; Zhu, F. ; Li, Z.
Feb-2014The effect of autophagy inhibitors on drug delivery using biodegradable polymer nanoparticles in cancer treatmentZhang, X.; Dong, Y.; Zeng, X.; Liang, X.; Li, X.; Tao, W.; Chen, H.; Jiang, Y.; Mei, L.; Feng, S.-S. 
20-Nov-1998The Laguerre-Gaussian series representation of two-dimensional fractional Fourier transformYu, L.; Huang, W.; Huang, M.; Zhu, Z.; Zeng, X.; Ji, W. 
Aug-2011Work-related quality of life scale among Singaporean nursesZeng, X.; Chaiear, N.; Klainin, P.; Khiewyoo, J.; Koh, D. ; Hien, P.W.H.; Lee, S.Y.