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3-Jan-20144,9-dihydro-4,4,9,9-tetrahexyl- s -indaceno[1,2- b:5,6- b ′]dithiophene as a π-spacer of donor-π-acceptor dye and its photovoltaic performance with liquid and solid-state dye-sensitized solar cellsCai, L. ; Moehl, T.; Moon, S.-J.; Decoppet, J.-D.; Humphry-Baker, R.; Xue, Z.; Bin, L. ; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätzel, M.
29-Sep-2011Cobalt redox mediators for ruthenium-based dye-sensitized solar cells: A combined impedance spectroscopy and near-IR transmittance studyLiu, Y.; Jennings, J.R. ; Huang, Y.; Wang, Q. ; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätze, M.
30-May-2013Determining the conductivities of the two charge transport phases in solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells by impedance spectroscopyLi, F.; Jennings, J.R. ; Wang, Q. ; Chua, J.; Mathews, N.; Mhaisalkar, S.G.; Moon, S.-J.; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätzel, M.
1-May-2008Enhancement of the performance of dye-sensitized solar cell by formation of shallow transport levels under visible light illuminationWang, Q. ; Zhang, Z.; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätzel, M.
13-Mar-2013Heterogeneous electron transfer from dye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 to [Co(bpy)3]3+: Insights gained from impedance spectroscopyLiu, Y.; Jennings, J.R. ; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätzel, M.; Wang, Q. 
Jul-2009Polymer wiring of insulating electrode materials: An approach to improve energy density of lithium-ion batteriesWang, D.; Erten-Ela, S.; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Pechy, P.; Exnar, I.; Wang, Q. ; Grätzel, M.
14-Apr-2011The influence of dye structure on charge recombination in dye-sensitized solar cellsJennings, J.R. ; Liu, Y.; Wang, Q. ; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätzel, M.