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15-Nov-2013Phosphorylation at tyrosine 262 promotes GADD34 protein turnoverZhou, W.; Jeyaraman, K.; Yusoff, P.; Shenolikar, S. 
15-Feb-2006Sprouty 2, an inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling, is down-regulated in hepatocellular carcinomaFong, C.W.; Chua, M.-S.; McKie, A.B.; Ling, S.H.M.; Mason, V.; Li, R.; Yusoff, P.; Lo, T.L.; Leung, H.Y.; So, S.K.S.; Guy, G.R. 
16-Sep-2002Sprouty2 attenuates epidermal growth factor receptor ubiquitylation and endocytosis, and consequently enhances Ras/ERK signallingWong, E.S.M.; Fong, C.W.; Lim, J.; Yusoff, P.; Low, B.C. ; Langdon, W.Y.; Guy, G.R. 
1-Feb-2002Sprouty2 inhibits the Ras/MAP kinase pathway by inhibiting the activation of RafYusoff, P.; Lao, D.-H.; Ong, S.H. ; Miin Wong, E.S.; Lim, J.; Lo, T.L.; Leong, H.F.; Fong, C.W.; Guy, G.R. 
7-Mar-2012Structure of a novel phosphotyrosine-binding domain in Hakai that targets E-cadherinMukherjee, M.; Chow, S.Y.; Yusoff, P.; Seetharaman, J.; Ng, C.; Sinniah, S.; Koh, X.W.; Asgar, N.F.M.; Li, D.; Yim, D.; Jackson, R.A.; Yew, J.; Qian, J.; Iyu, A.; Lim, Y.P. ; Zhou, X. ; Sze, S.K.; Guy, G.R.; Sivaraman, J. 
1-Nov-2002The cysteine-rich sprouty translocation domain targets mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitory proteins to phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate in plasma membranesLim, J.; Yusoff, P.; Wong, E.S.M.; Chandramouli, S.; Lao, D.-H.; Fong, C.W.; Guy, G.R. 
2004The Ras/mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway inhibitor and likely tumor suppressor proteins, sprouty 1 and sprouty 2 are deregulated in breast cancerLo, T.L.; Yusoff, P.; Fong, C.W.; McCaw, B.J.; Wong, E.S.M.; Leong, H.F.; Guy, G.R.; Guo, K.; Zeng, Q.; Putti, T.C. ; Yang, H.; Phillips, W.A.
29-Aug-2003Tyrosine phosphorylation of Sprouty2 enhances its interaction with c-Cbl and is crucial for its functionFong, C.W.; Leong, H.F.; Wong, E.S.M.; Lim, J.; Yusoff, P.; Guy, G.R.