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18-Nov-2011Biochemical and structural analysis of Gox2181, a new member of the SDR superfamily from Gluconobacter oxydansLiu, X.; Yuan, Z.; Adam Yuan, Y. ; Lin, J.; Wei, D.
Aug-2006Bit-array alignment effect of perpendicular SOMA mediaXiao, P.; Yuan, Z.; Kuan Lee, H. ; Guo, G. 
2009MarcoPolo: A community system for sharing and integrating travel information on mapsYueguo, C. ; Su, C. ; Yu, G.; Mei, H.; Feng, L.; Chen, L. ; Liangxu, L.; Beng, C.O.; Xiaoyan, Y.; Dongxiang, Z.; Yuan, Z.; Ooi, B.C. ; Yang, X.; Zhang, D. ; Zhou, Y.
15-May-2003Precision in situ flying height measurement during track seeking process with intersymbol interference compensationWan, L.; Yuan, Z.; Liu, B. 
2013Probabilities of transition jitter at different off-track positionsAng, S.; Ong, C.; Yuan, Z.; Pang, C. 
2006Reduction of crown sensitivity on disk shape induced flying height variation through ABS designNg, K.W.; Yuan, Z.; Liu, B.; Chong, T. 
Aug-2006Ring head and single pole head recording performance on 3D random SOMA mediaXiao, P.; Yuan, Z.; Lee, H.K. ; Guo, G. 
20-Mar-2013Room-temperature ferromagnetism in ZnO-encapsulated 1.9 nm FePt3 nanoparticle-composite thin films with giant interfacial anisotropyShen, L. ; Zhou, T.; Wee, R.Q.; Cher, K.M.; Ko, H.Y.Y.; Niu, R.; Gong, H. ; Yuan, Z.; Liu, B.; Feng, Y.P. 
Sep-2003Spacing Fluctuation Induced by Disk Clamping DistortionNg, K.W.; Yuan, Z.; Liu, B. 
May-2013Structural basis for cofactor and substrate selection by cyanobacterium succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenaseYuan, Z.; Yin, B.; Wei, D.; Yuan, Y.R.A. 
Jan-2014Synthesis, characterization and hard ferromagnetism in FePt/ZnO nanocomposites with ultra-small sizeZhou, T.J.; Lu, M. ; Shen, L. ; Wee, R.Q.; Gong, H. ; Cher, K.M.; Ko, H.Y.Y.; Yuan, Z.; Liu, B.; Feng, Y.P. 
15-May-1998The indeterminate gene encodes a zinc finger protein and regulates a leaf-generated signal required for the transition to flowering in maizeColasanti, J.; Yuan, Z.; Sundaresan, V. 
2012Writing process induced media noise measurementAng, S.; Ong, C.L.; Yuan, Z.; Pang, C.K.