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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A sequential approach for stochastic computer model calibration and predictionYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. 
2013A sparse sampling model for 3D face recognitionYuan, J.; Kassim, A.A. 
2010Application of stochastic approximation methods for stochastic computer models calibrationYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Tsui, K.L.
2011Bayesian calibration of stochastic computer modelsYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. 
2013Calibration of stochastic computer models using stochastic approximation methodsYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Tsui, K.L.
Mar-2014Combinatorial engineering of mevalonate pathway for improved amorpha-4,11-diene production in budding yeastYuan, J.; Ching, C.B. 
2009Design of experiments for simulation models with stochastic constraintsMu, S.; Yin, J.; Yuan, J.; Ng, S.H. 
15-Apr-2008Empirical likelihood for non-degenerate U-statisticsJing, B.-Y.; Yuan, J.; Zhou, W. 
Feb-2014Enhancing multiphoton upconversion through energy clustering at sublattice levelWang, J.; Deng, R.; Macdonald, M.A.; Chen, B.; Yuan, J.; Wang, F.; Chi, D.; Andy Hor, T.S. ; Zhang, P.; Liu, G.; Han, Y.; Liu, X. 
2012Experimental study of turbulent oscillatory boundary layers in a new oscillatory water tunnelYuan, J.; Madsen, O.S.; Chan, E.S. 
2004Fast and robust search method for short video clips from large video collectionYuan, J.; Tian, Q.; Ranganath, S. 
2004Fast and robust short video clip search for copy detectionYuan, J.; Duan, L.-Y.; Tian, Q.; Ranganath, S. ; Xu, C.
2009Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring cell death in higher eukaryotesGalluzzi, L.; Castedo, M.; Kepp, O.; Morselli, E.; Vitale, I.; Kroemer, G.; Castedo, M.; Aaronson, S.A.; Abrams, J.; Alnemri, E.S.; Andrews, D.W.; Baehrecke, E.H.; Bazan, N.G.; Blagosklonny, M.V.; Blomgren, K.; Blomgren, K.; Borner, C.; Bredesen, D.E.; Brenner, C.; Cidlowski, J.A.; Ciechanover, A.; Cohen, G.M.; Melino, G.; Nicotera, P.; De, Laurenzi V.; De, Maria R.; Deshmukh, M.; Dynlacht, B.D.; El-Deiry, W.S.; Flavell, R.A.; Levine, B.; Steller, H.; Fulda, S.; Garrido, C.; Golstein, P.; Gougeon, M.-L.; Green, D.R.; Gronemeyer, H.; Hajnoczky, G.; Hardwick, J.M.; Hengartner, M.O.; Ichijo, H.; Jaattela, M.; Kimchi, A.; Klionsky, D.J.; Knight, R.A.; Kornbluth, S.; Kumar, S.; Levine, B.; Lipton, S.A.; Vandenabeele, P.; Lugli, E.; Madeo, F.; Malorni, W.; Marine, J.-C.W.; Martin, S.J.; Medema, J.P.; Mehlen, P.; Moll, U.M.; Nagata, S.; Nicholson, D.W.; Nunez, G.; Oren, M.; Penninger, J.; Pervaiz, S. ; Peter, M.E.; Piacentini, M.; Prehn, J.H.M.; Puthalakath, H.; Rabinovich, G.A.; Rizzuto, R.; Rodrigues, C.M.P.; Rubinsztein, D.C.; Rudel, T.; Scorrano, L.; Simon, H.-U.; Tschopp, J.; Tsujimoto, Y.; Vandenabeele, P.; Vousden, K.H.; Youle, R.J.; Yuan, J.; Zhivotovsky, B.
2011Integrating rich information for video recommendation with multi-task rank aggregationZhao, X.; Li, G. ; Wang, M. ; Yuan, J.; Zha, Z.-J. ; Li, Z.; Chua, T.-S. 
2009Jackknife empirical likelihoodJing, B.-Y.; Yuan, J.; Zhou, W. 
2011Learning concept bundles for video search with complex queriesYuan, J.; Zha, Z.-J. ; Zheng, Y.-T.; Wang, M. ; Zhou, X.; Chua, T.-S. 
Feb-2014Memory recall based video search: Finding videos you have seen before based on your memoryYuan, J.; Zhao, Y.-L.; Luan, H. ; Wang, M. ; Chua, T.-S. 
21-Oct-2012Nanoporous LiMn2O4 nanosheets with exposed {111} facets as cathodes for highly reversible lithium-ion batteriesSun, W.; Cao, F.; Liu, Y.; Zhao, X.; Liu, X. ; Yuan, J.
2007On preserving robustness-false alarm tradeoff in media hashingRoy, S.; Zhu, X.; Yuan, J.; Chang, E.-C. 
1-Oct-2012On the simultaneous recognition of identity and expression from BU-3DFE datasetsVenkatesh, Y.V. ; Kassim, A.A. ; Yuan, J.; Nguyen, T.D.