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9-Jan-20121,2,3-triazolin-5-ylidenes: Synthesis of hetero-bis(carbene) Pd(II) complexes, determination of donor strengths, and catalysisYuan, D.; Huynh, H.V. 
3-Jun-2013A comparative study on dinuclear and multinuclear Ni(II), Pd(II), and Pt(II) complexes of a thiolato-functionalized, benzannulated N -heterocyclic carbene ligandYuan, D.; Huynh, H.V. 
21-Sep-2011CSC-pincer versus pseudo-pincer complexes of palladium(ii): A comparative study on complexation and catalytic activities of NHC complexesYuan, D.; Tang, H.; Xiao, L.; Huynh, H.V. 
22-Nov-2010Dinuclear and tetranuclear palladium(II) complexes of a thiolato-functionalized, benzannulated N-heterocyclic carbene ligand and their activities toward suzuki-miyaura couplingYuan, D.; Huynh, H.V. 
8-Jul-2013Gold and palladium hetero-bis-NHC complexes: Characterizations, correlations, and ligand redistributionsGuo, S.; Sivaram, H.; Yuan, D.; Huynh, H.V. 
15-Nov-2004Metal ion reduction and resultant deposition on viologen-functionalized LDPE films and viologen-containing microporous membranesWang, W.C.; Neoh, K.G. ; Kang, E.T. ; Lim, S.L.; Yuan, D.
14-Mar-2011Reactivity differences of palladium(II) dimers bearing heterocyclic carbenes with two, one, or no α-nitrogen atoms toward isocyanidesHan, Y. ; Yuan, D.; Teng, Q.; Huynh, H.V. 
Mar-2012Sulfur-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of Pd(II): Syntheses, structures and catalytic activitiesYuan, D.; Huynh, H.V. 
2009Syntheses and catalytic activities of pseudo-pincer and CSC pincer-type Pd(II) complexes derived from benzannulated N-heterocyclic carbenesHuynh, H.V. ; Yuan, D.; Han, Y. 
28-Nov-2011Syntheses and characterizations of thiolato-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbene Pd(ii) complexes with normal and mesoionic binding modesYuan, D.; Huynh, H.V. 
14-Apr-2014Template-directed synthesis of palladium(II) sulfonate-NHC complexes and catalytic studies in aqueous Mizoroki-Heck reactionsYuan, D.; Teng, Q.; Huynh, H.V.