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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010107 Gb/s WDM DQPSK systems with 50 GHz channel spacing by low-crosstalk demodulatorsYu, Y.; Zhang, H. ; Yu, C. 
20123D influence of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull induced by misalignment rotor in PMSM motorYu, Y.; Bi, C.; Hla, P.N.; Jiang, Q.; Lin, S.; Aung, N.L.H.; Mamun, A.A. 
1999A civil engineering model of protein conformational changeLawton, W. ; Meiyappan, S.; Raghavan, R. ; Viswanathan, R. ; Yu, Y.
2012A demodulation technique for spindle rotor position detectionAung, N.L.H.; Bi, C.; Al-Mamun, A. ; Soh, C.S.; Yu, Y.
2013A VR simulator for intracardiac interventionChiang, P.; Zheng, J.; Yu, Y.; Mak, K.H.; Chui, C.K. ; Cai, Y.
2013Analytical and numerical study rotor faults in PM synchronous motorYu, Y.; Bi, C.; Jiang, Q.; Lin, S.; Hla, P.N.; Aung, N.L.H.; Mamun, A.A. 
Nov-2013Anassociation study of TOLL and CARD with leprosy susceptibility in Chinese populationLiu, H.; Bao, F.; Irwanto, A.; Fu, X.; Lu, N.; Yu, G.; Yu, Y.; Sun, Y.; Low, H.; Li, Y.; Liany, H.; Yuan, C.; Li, J.; Liu, J.; Chen, M.; Liu, H.; Wang, N.; You, J.; Ma, S.; Niu, G.; Zhou, Y.; Chu, T.; Tian, H.; Chen, S.; Zhang, X.; Liu, J. ; Zhang, F.
24-Jan-2014Assembly of nanoions via electrostatic interactions: Ion-like behavior of charged noble metal nanoclustersYao, Q.; Luo, Z.; Yuan, X.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, C.; Xie, J. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2012Automatic music soundtrack generation for outdoor videos from contextual sensor informationYu, Y.; Shen, Z.; Zimmermann, R. 
1998Building fuzzy graphs from samples of nonlinear functionsTan, S. ; Yu, Y.; Wang, P.-Z. 
1-Feb-1999Complementarity and equivalence relationships between convex fuzzy systems with symmetry restrictions and waveletsYu, Y.; Tan, S. 
2005Considering circuit observability don't cares in CNF satisfiabilityFu, Z. ; Yu, Y.; Malik, S.
14-Aug-2011Controllable synthesis of mesoporous F-TiO2 spheres for effective photocatalysisPan, J.H.; Cai, Z.; Yu, Y.; Zhao, X.S. 
Jan-2009Cryopreservation of neurospheres derived from human glioblastoma multiformeChong, Y.-K.; Toh, T.-B.; Zaiden, N.; Poonepalli, A. ; Siew, H.L.; Ong, C.E.L.; Yu, Y.; Tan, P.B. ; See, S.-J.; Ng, W.-H.; Ng, I.; Hande, M.P.; Oi, L.K. ; Ang, B.-T. ; Tang, C. 
Sep-2011Design of a mutual coupling compensation network for a small receiving monopole arrayYu, Y.; Hui, H.T. 
2010Diagnosis of crack of rotor blades with genetic methodYu, Y.; Bi, C.; Al Mamun, A. 
2012Dispersion and OSNR monitoringh in high-speed optical fiber communicaion systemYu, C. ; Yang, J.; Yu, Y.
2013Edge-based locality sensitive hashing for efficient geo-fencing applicationYu, Y.; Tang, S.; Zimmermann, R. 
2013Engineering the architectural diversity of heterogeneous metallic nanocrystalsYu, Y.; Zhang, Q. ; Xie, J. ; Lee, J.Y. 
7-Jun-2014Fabrication and performance of a Mn-La metal composite for remarkable decontamination of fluorideYu, Y.; Chen, J.P.