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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20043D reconstruction and enrichment of broadcast soccer videoYu, X.; Yan, X.; Hay, T.S.; Leong, H.W. 
Feb-2007A comparative study of HfTaON/SiO2 and HfON/SiO2 gate stacks with TaN metal gate for advanced CMOS applicationsYu, X.; Yu, M.; Zhu, C. 
2005A gridding hough transform for detecting the straight lines in sports videoYu, X.; Lai, H.C.; Liu, S.X.F.; Leong, H.W. 
Feb-2003A high-density MIM capacitor (13 fF/μm2) using ALD HfO2 dielectricsYu, X.; Zhu, C. ; Hu, H.; Chin, A. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Kwong, D.-L.; Foo, P.D.; Yu, M.B.
2010A hybrid control architecture for low voltage microgridYu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M. ; Wang, H.H.; Sing, S.T.
2013A novel and robust system for time recognition of the digital video clock using the domain knowledgeYu, X.; Rong, T.; Li, N.; Leong, H.W. 
2011A reliable routing protocol for VANET communicationsYu, X.; Guo, H.; Wong, W.-C. 
2004A robust and accumulator-free ellipse hough transformYu, X.; Leong, H.W. ; Xu, C.; Tian, Q.
2004A robust Hough-based algorithm for partial ellipse detection in broadcast soccer videoYu, X.; Leong, H.W. ; Xu, C.; Tian, Q.
1-Jul-2013A simple strategy for heritable chromosomal deletions in zebrafish via the combinatorial action of targeting nucleasesLim, S.; Wang, Y.; Yu, X.; Huang, Y.; Featherstone, M.S.; Sampath, K. 
2004A trajectory-based ball detection and tracking algorithm in broadcast tennis videoYu, X.; Sim, C.-H.; Wang, J.R.; Cheong, L.F. 
2006Accurate and stable camera calibration of broadcast tennis videoYu, X.; Jiang, N.; Cheong, L.-F. 
Nov-2013Adaptive discontinuous Galerkin method with Lax-Wendroff type time discretization and three-dimensional nonconforming tetrahedral mesh for euler equationsFeng, T.; Yu, X.; An, H.; Cui, X.; Wu, D. ; Li, Z.
1998Adaptive symbol-by-symbol reception of MPSK on the gaussian channel with unknown carrier phase characteristicsKam, P.Y. ; Chua, K.H.; Yu, X.
Jun-2006Advanced HfTaON/SiO2 gate stack with high mobility and low leakage current for low-standby-power applicationYu, X.; Yu, M.; Zhu, C. 
2005Advanced MOSFETs using HfTaON/SiO2 gate dielectric and TaN metal gate with excellent performances for low standby power applicationYu, X.; Zhu, C. ; Yu, M.; Li, M.F. ; Chin, A.; Tung, C.H.; Gui, D.; Kwong, D.-L.
2008An instant semantics acquisition system of live soccer video with application to live event alert and on-the-fly language selectionYu, X.; Yan, X.; Li, L.; Leong, H.W. 
Mar-2007Analysis of a class of discrete-time systems with power ruleYu, X.; Xu, J.-X. ; Hong, Y.; Yu, S.
2009Automatic camera calibration of broadcast tennis video with applications to 3D virtual content insertion and ball detection and trackingYu, X.; Jiang, N.; Cheong, L.-F. ; Leong, H.W. ; Yan, X.
2009Combined active and reactive power control of power converter building block to facilitate the connection of micro-grid to Electric Power SystemYu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M.