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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2014A brain-inspired spiking neural network model with temporal encoding and learningYu, Q.; Tang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yu, H.
10-Oct-2006A coevolutionary algorithm for rules discovery in data miningTan, K.C. ; Yu, Q.; Ang, J.H.
May-2005A distributed evolutionary classifier for knowledge discovery in data miningTan, K.C. ; Yu, Q.; Lee, T.H. 
Jun-2006A dual-objective evolutionary algorithm for rules extraction in data miningTan, K.C. ; Yu, Q.; Ang, J.H.
13-Jan-2006A global map of p53 transcription-factor binding sites in the human genomeWei, C.-L.; Wu, Q.; Vega, V.B.; Chiu, K.P.; Ng, P.; Zhang, T.; Shahab, A.; Yong, H.C.; Fu, Y.; Weng, Z.; Liu, J.; Zhao, X.D.; Chew, J.-L.; Lee, Y.L.; Kuznetsov, V.A.; Sung, W.-K.; Miller, L.D.; Lim, B.; Liu, E.T.; Yu, Q.; Ng, H.-H. ; Ruan, Y.
May-2009A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for attribute selection in data miningTan, K.C. ; Teoh, E.J.; Yu, Q.; Goh, K.C.
2009CDKN1C (p57KIP2) is a direct target of EZH2 and suppressed by multiple epigenetic mechanisms in breast cancer cellsYang, X.; Sun, F. ; Aau, M.; Miller, L.D.; Yu, Q.; Shao, R.; Karuturi, R.K.M.; Yu, K.; Tan, P.B.O.
Sep-1996Curvature optimization of a cam mechanism with a translating flat-faced followerYu, Q.; Lee, H.P. 
2011Determinants of sensitivity to DZNep induced Apoptosis in multiple myeloma cellsXie, Z. ; Bi, C.; Cheong, L.L.; Liu, S.C.; Huang, G. ; Zhou, J. ; Yu, Q.; Chen, C.-S.; Chng, W.J.
Feb-2003Evolutionary computing for knowledge discovery in medical diagnosisTan, K.C. ; Yu, Q.; Heng, C.M.; Lee, T.H. 
30-May-2013EZH2 overexpression in natural killer/T-cell lymphoma confers growth advantage independently of histone methyltransferase activity.Yan, J. ; Ng, S.B.; Tay, J.L.; Lin, B.; Koh, T.L.; Tan, J.; Selvarajan, V.; Liu, S.C.; Bi, C.; Wang, S.; Choo, S.N.; Shimizu, N.; Huang, G.; Yu, Q.; Chng, W.J.
20-Jan-2012Glycine decarboxylase activity drives non-small cell lung cancer tumor-initiating cells and tumorigenesisZhang, W.C.; Ng, S.-C.; Yang, H.; Rai, A.; Umashankar, S.; Ma, S.; Soh, B.S.; Sun, L.L.; Tai, B.C. ; Nga, M.E.; Bhakoo, K.K.; Jayapal, S.R.; Nichane, M.; Yu, Q.; Ahmed, D.A.; Tan, C.; Sing, W.P.; Tam, J.; Thirugananam, A.; Noghabi, M.S.; Pang, Y.H.; Ang, H.S.; Robson, P.; Kaldis, P.; Soo, R.A. ; Swarup, S. ; Lim, E.H.; Lim, B.
12-Apr-2002Identification of Myc-mediated death response pathways by microarray analysisYu, Q.; He, M.; Lee, N.H.; Liu, E.T. 
Jun-1998Influence of cam motions on the dynamic behavior of return springsYu, Q.; Lee, H.P. 
2012Learning real-world stimuli by single-spike coding and tempotron ruleTang, H.; Yu, Q.; Tan, K.C. 
Feb-2012Loading 3-deazaneplanocin A into pegylated unilamellar liposomes by forming transient phenylboronic acid-drug complex and its pharmacokinetic features in Sprague-Dawley ratsSun, F. ; Li, J.; Yu, Q.; Chan, E. 
2000Monetary services and money demand in ChinaYu, Q.; Tsui, A.K. 
Dec-1995New family of parameterized polynomials for cam motion synthesisYu, Q.; Lee, H.P. 
15-Nov-1995On 2-extendable abelian Cayley graphsChan, O.; Chen, C.C. ; Yu, Q.
Mar-1996Optimum design of cam mechanisms with oscillating flat-face followersYu, Q.; Lee, H.P.