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2004Characterizing embedded applications for instruction-set extensible processorsYu, P.; Mitra, T. 
Jul-2009Collaborative computational anatomy: An MRI morphometry study of the human brain via diffeomorphic metric mappingMiller, M.I.; Priebe, C.E.; Qiu, A. ; Fischl, B.; Kolasny, A.; Brown, T.; Park, Y.; Ratnanather, J.T.; Busa, E.; Jovicich, J.; Yu, P.; Dickerson, B.C.; Buckner, R.L.
2007Disjoint pattern enumeration for custom instructions identificationYu, P.; Mitra, T. 
15-Jul-2014Identifying key non-volatile compounds in ready-to-drink green tea and their impact on taste profileYu, P.; Yeo, A.S.-L.; Low, M.-Y.; Zhou, W. 
Jan-2011Integral Sliding Mode Control for Fast Tool Servo diamond turning of micro-structured surfacesYu, P.; Hong, G.S. ; Wong, Y.S. 
2014Mass transport for mixed co-culture applications in a perfusion bioreactor partially filled with a porous layerBai, H.X.; Yu, P.; Zeng, Y.; Winoto, S.H. ; Low, H.T. 
Jun-2010Mass transport in a microchannel bioreactor with a porous wallChen, X.B.; Sui, Y.; Lee, H.P.; Bai, H.X.; Yu, P.; Winoto, S.H.; Low, H.T. 
Jan-2013Numerical simulation on flows past porous bluff bodiesYu, P.; Zeng, Y.; Lee, T.S.; Low, H.T. 
1992Phases of dental fear for four treatment procedures among military personnelSoh, G. ; Yu, P.
2005Satisfying real-time constraints with custom instructionsYu, P.; Mitra, T. 
2004Scalable custom instructions identification for instruction-set extensible processorsYu, P.; Mitra, T.