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Nov-2012A zinc finger protein gene ZFP5 integrates phytohormone signaling to control root hair development in ArabidopsisAn, L.; Zhou, Z.; Sun, L.; Yan, A.; Xi, W.; Yu, N.; Cai, W.; Chen, X.; Yu, H. ; Schiefelbein, J.; Gan, Y.
Mar-2011Fabrication of CNTs with controlled diameters and their applications as electrocatalyst supports for DMFCLo, A.-Y.; Yu, N.; Huang, S.-J.; Hung, C.-T.; Liu, S.-H.; Lei, Z. ; Kuo, C.-T.; Liu, S.-B.
Sep-2011Gold nanoparticles supported on periodic mesoporous organosilicas for epoxidation of olefins: Effects of pore architecture and surface modification method of the supportsYu, N.; Ding, Y.; Lo, A.-Y.; Huang, S.-J.; Wu, P.-H.; Liu, C.; Yin, D.; Fu, Z.; Yin, D.; Hung, C.-T.; Lei, Z. ; Liu, S.-B.
Feb-2009Matter wave explorer of gravity (MWXG)Ertmer, W.; Schubert, C.; Wendrich, T.; Gilowski, M.; Zaiser, M.; Zoest, T.V.; Rasel, E.; Bordé, C.J.; Clairon, A.; Landragin; Laurent, P.; Lemonde, P.; Santarelli, G.; Schleich, W.; Cataliotti, F.S.; Inguscio, M.; Poli, N.; Sorrentino, F.; Modugno, C.; Tino, G.M.; Gill, P.; Klein, H.; Margolis, H.; Reynaud, S.; Salomon, C.; Lambrecht, A.; Peik, E.; Jentsch, C.; Johann, U.; Rathke, A.; Bouyer, P.; Cacciapuoti, L.; DeNatale, P.; Christophe, B.; Foulon, B.; Touboul, P.; Maleki, L.; Yu, N.; Turyshev, S.G.; Anderson, J.D.; Schmidt-Kaler, F.; Walser, R.; Vigué, J.; Büchner, M.; Angonin, M.-C.; Delva, P.; Tourrenc, P.; Bingham, R.; Kent, B.; Wicht, A.; Wang, L.J.; Bongs, K.; Dittus, H.; Lämmerzahl, C.; Theil, S.; Sengstock, K.; Peters, A.; Müller, T. ; Arndt, M.; Iess, L.; Bondu, F.; Brillet, A.; Samain, E.; Chiofalo, M.L.; Levi, F.; Calonico, D.
9-Jan-2013Microgrid scheduling for reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy managementMing Kwok, J.J.; Yu, N.; Karimi, I.A. ; Lee, D.-Y.