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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1998A cladistic study of family Sematophyllaceae in ChinaTan, B.C. ; Yu, J.
2005A low power linear phase digital FIR filter for wearable ECG devicesLian, Y. ; Yu, J.
Oct-2011Adsorption of perfluorinated compounds onto activated carbon and activated sludgeYu, J.; Hu, J. 
Sep-2010An LC-MS-MS method for the determination of perfluorinated surfactants in environmental matricesHu, J. ; Yu, J.
2012Answering opinion questions on products by exploiting hierarchical organization of consumer reviewsYu, J.; Zha, Z.-J. ; Chua, T.-S. 
2011Aspect ranking: Identifying important product aspects from online consumer reviewsYu, J.; Zha, Z.-J. ; Wang, M. ; Chua, T.-S. 
2014Brain-computer interface for neurorehabilitation: Looking beyond upper limbsGuan, C.; Yang, H.; Ang, K.K.; Phua, K.S.; Yu, J.; Wang, C.; Chua, K.; Chew, E. 
28-Nov-2011Colloidal Photonic Crystals: Fabrication and ApplicationsYan, Q.; Yu, J.; Cai, Z.; Zhao, X.S. 
2005Cost-based scheduling of scientific workflow applications on utility gridsYu, J.; Buyya, R.; Tham, C.K. 
Feb-2007Design equations for jointly optimized frequency-response masking filtersYu, J.; Lian, Y. 
2011Domain-assisted product aspect hierarchy generation: Towards hierarchical organization of unstructured consumer reviewsYu, J.; Zha, Z.-J. ; Wang, M. ; Wang, K.; Chua, T.-S. 
15-Mar-2010Dual-stage cascaded frequency offset estimation for digital coherent receiversZhang, S.; Xu, L.; Yu, J.; Huang, M.-F.; Kam, P.Y. ; Yu, C. ; Wang, T.
Jul-2004Effect of halogen in high-density oxygen plasmas on photoresist trimmingSin, C.-Y.; Chen, B.-H. ; Loh, W.L.; Yu, J.; Yelehanka, P.; See, A.; Chan, L.
2010Effect of the die edge and multiple delaniinations on the mechanics of delamination in a PQFPHo, S.L.; Yu, J.; Tay, A.A.O. 
Jul-2011Effective electron emitters by molybdenum oxide-coated carbon nanotubes core-shell nanostructuresYu, J.; Chua, D.H.C. 
2010Effects of hydrogen microwave plasma post-treatment on tetrahedral amorphous carbon coated carbon nanotubesYu, J.; Chua, D.H.C. 
2001Effects of microtrenching from polysilicon gate patterning on 0.13μm MOSFET device performanceChua, C.S.; Chor, E.F. ; Yu, J.; Pradeep, Y.; Chan, L.
Jan-2012Enhanced electron emission from tetrahedral amorphous carbon capped carbon nanotube core-shelled structureYu, J.; Anetab, P.; Koh, A.T.T.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Wei, J.
2009Enhanced field emission of vertically aligned core-shelled carbon nanotubes with molybdenum oxide encapsulationYu, J.; Sow, C.H. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Chua, D.H.C. 
2010Enhanced field emission properties of hydrogenated tetrahedral amorphous carbon/carbon nanotubes nanostructuresYu, J.; Chua, D.H.C.