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2002AFP+, ESC-derived cells engraft and differentiate into hepatocytes in vivoYin, Y.; Yew, K.L.; Salto-Tellez, M.; Ng, S.C.; Lin, C.-S.; Lim, S.-K. 
2011Aluminum induced glass texturing process on borosilicate and soda-lime glass superstrates for thin-film solar cellsVayalakkara, P.; Venkataraj, S.; Wang, J.; Long, J. ; Ren, Z.; Yin, Y.; Widenborg, P.I. ; Aberle, A.G. 
2012Design and analysis of a novel compact compliant actuator with variable impedanceYu, H.; Huang, S. ; Chen, G.; Toh, S.-L. ; Cruz, M.S.; Ghorbel, Y.; Zhu, C.; Yin, Y.
2012Doped microcrystalline silicon layers for solar cells by 13.56 MHz plasma-enhanced chemical vapour depositionLong, J. ; Yin, Y.; Sian, S.Y.R.; Ren, Z.; Wang, J.; Vayalakkara, P.; Venkataraj, S.; Aberle, A.G. 
2004Embryonic Cell Lines with Endothelial Potential: An in Vitro System for Studying Endothelial DifferentiationYin, Y.; Lim, S.-K. ; Que, J.; El, Oakley R.M. ; Teh, M. ; Cao, W.P. 
25-Apr-2011Enabling a robust scalable manufacturing process for therapeutic exosomes through oncogenic immortalization of human ESC-derived MSCsChen, T.S.; Arslan, F.; Yin, Y.; Tan, S.S.; Lai, R.C.; Choo, A.B.H.; Padmanabhan, J.; Lee, C.N.; de Kleijn, D.P.V.; Lim, S.K. 
2006Establishing clonal cell lines with endothelial-like potential from CD9hi, SSEA-1-cells in enbryonic stem cell-derived enbryoid bodiesLian, Q. ; Que, J. ; Tan, E.K.W.; Yu, F.; Yeo, K.S.; El, Oakley R.M. ; Lim, S.-K. ; Yin, Y.; Salto-Tellez, M. 
2012Fabrication of high-quality boron-doped microcrystalline silicon thin films on several types of substratesYin, Y.; Long, J.; Venkataraj, S.; Wang, J.; Aberle, A.G. 
2005Factors influencing stem cell differentiation into the hepatic lineage in vitroHeng, B.C. ; Cao, T. ; Yu, H.; Yin, Y.; Lim, S.G. 
2005Factors influencing stem cell differentiation into the hepatic lineage in vitroHeng, B.C. ; Yu, H.; Yin, Y.; Lim, S.G.; Cao, T. 
Mar-2013Mesenchymal stem cell: An efficient mass producer of exosomes for drug deliveryYeo, R.W.Y.; Lai, R.C.; Zhang, B.; Tan, S.S.; Yin, Y.; Teh, B.J.; Lim, S.K. 
2013Orientation data correction with georeferenced mobile videosWang, G.; Yin, Y.; Seo, B.; Zimmermann, R. ; Shen, Z.
2013OSCOR: An orientation sensor data correction system for mobile generated contentsWang, G.; Seo, B. ; Yin, Y.; Zimmermann, R. ; Shen, Z.
5-Oct-2007TAp73 is a downstream target of p53 in controlling the cellular defense against stressWang, J.; Liu, Y.-X.; Hande, M.P. ; Wong, A.C.; Jin, Y.J.; Yin, Y.
Sep-2010The impact of silica gel pore and particle sizes on HPLC column efficiency and resolution for an immobilized, cyclodextrinbased, chiral stationary phaseQin, Q.; Zhang, S. ; Zhang, W.-G.; Zhang, Z.-B.; Xiong, Y.-J.; Guo, Z.-Y.; Fan, J.; Run-Zheng, S.; Finlow, D.; Yin, Y.