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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2004A columnar competitive model for solving combinatorial optimization problemsTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
2007A new algorithm for finding the shortest paths using PCNNTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
Aug-2012A new classification of function and disability in China: Subtypes based on performance-based and self-reported measuresPurser, J.L.; Feng, Q. ; Yi, Z.; Hoenig, H.
2007A robust and globally convergent PCA learning algorithmYe, M.; Yi, Z.; Tan, K.K. 
Feb-2002Absolute periodicity and absolute stability of delayed neural networksYi, Z.; Heng, P.A.; Vadakkepat, P. 
1-Nov-2010Adaptive multiple minor directions extraction in parallel using a PCA neural networkTan, K.K. ; Lv, J.C.; Yi, Z.; Huang, S. 
2007Analysis of cyclic dynamics for networks of linear threshold neuronsTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
Jun-2014Association study of p53 codon 72 polymorphism in Parkinson's diseaseSiddique, M.M.; Yi, Z.; Hui Qin, L.; Krishnaswamy, G.; Tan, E.K. 
2007Background neural networks with uniform firing rate and background inputTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
2007Columnar competitive model for solving multi-traveling salesman problemTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
2007Competitive model for combinatorial optimization problemsTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
2007Competitive neural networks for image segmentationTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
2009Convergence analysis of a class of Hyvärinen-Oja's ICA learning algorithms with constant learning ratesLv, J.C.; Tan, K.K. ; Yi, Z.; Huang, S. 
Nov-2005Convergence analysis of a deterministic discrete time system of Oja's PCA learning algorithmYi, Z.; Ye, M.; Lv, J.C.; Tan, K.K. 
2007Convergence analysis of discrete time RNNs for linear variational inequality problemTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
May-2007Determination of the number of principal directions in a biologically plausible PCA modelLv, J.C.; Yi, Z.; Tan, K.K. 
Jul-2002Dynamic stability conditions for Lotka-Volterra recurrent neural networks with delaysYi, Z.; Tan, K.K. 
2007Feedforward neural networks and training methodsTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
2007Fundamentals of dynamic systemsTang, H.; Tan, K.C. ; Yi, Z.
2010Geometry-function relationships in meta-foilsMoser, H.O. ; Jian, L.K. ; Chen, H.S.; Kalaiselvi, S.M.P. ; Virasawmy, S. ; Cheng, X.X.; Banas, A. ; Banas, K. ; Heussler, S.P. ; Bahou, M.; Wu, B.-I.; Hua, W.; Yi, Z.