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2010Dedicated cytogenetics factor is critical for improving karyotyping results for childhood leukaemias - Experience in the National University Hospital, Singapore 1989-2006Heng, J.L.; Quah, T.C. ; Yeoh, A.E.J.; Chen, Y.C.; Liu, T.C.
Oct-2013Deregulated MIR335 that targets MAPK1 is implicated in poor outcome of paediatric acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaYan, J. ; Jiang, N.; Huang, G. ; Tay, J.L.-S.; Lin, B.; Bi, C.; Koh, G.S.; Li, Z.; Tan, J.; Chung, T.-H. ; Lu, Y.; Ariffin, H.; Kham, S.K.Y.; Yeoh, A.E.J.; Chng, W.-J.
2010Health-related quality of life in children with cancer undergoing treatment: A first look at the Singapore experiencePek, J.H.; Yeoh, A.E.J.; Quah, T.C. ; Tan, P.L. ; Aung, L.; Chan, Y.-H.
16-May-2011Identification of prognostic protein biomarkers in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)Jiang, N.; Kham, S.K.Y.; Koh, G.S.; Suang Lim, J.Y.; Ariffin, H.; Chew, F.T. ; Yeoh, A.E.J.
28-Oct-2010Mutant nucleophosmin deregulates cell death and myeloid differentiation through excessive caspase-6 and -8 inhibitionLeong, S.M. ; Tan, B.X.; Ahmad, B.B. ; Yan, T.; Chee, L.Y.; Ang, S.T.; Tay, K.G. ; Koh, L.P.; Yeoh, A.E.J.; Koay, E.S.-C.; Mok, Y.-K. ; Lim, T.M. 
2002Thiopurine methyltransferase polymorphisms in a multiracial Asian population and children with acute lymphoblastic leukemiaKham, S.K.Y.; Tan, P.L.; Tay, A.H.N. ; Heng, C.K.; Yeoh, A.E.J.; Quah, T.-C.