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Mar-1995Adaptation of finger-smoothed irreversible hydrocolloid to impression surfaces.Lim, P.F.; Neo, K.H.; Sitoh, L.; Yeo, K.L.; Stokes, A. 
2006Drying of guava and papaya: Impact of different drying methodsHawlader, M.N.A. ; Perera, C.O. ; Tian, M.; Yeo, K.L.
1-Oct-2004Evaluation of back-side secondary ion mass spectrometry for boron diffusion in silicon and silicon-on-insulator substratesYeo, K.L.; Wee, A.T.S. ; Chong, Y.F.
2004Formation of ultra-shallow p +/n junctions in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate using laser annealingOng, K.K.; Pey, K.L.; Lee, P.S.; Wee, A.T.S. ; Chong, Y.F.; Yeo, K.L.; Wang, X.C.
Jul-2004In situ XPS and SIMS analysis of O 2 + beam-induced silicon oxidationTan, S.K.; Yeo, K.L.; Wee, A.T.S. 
Jan-2003Investigation of boron penetration through decoupled plasma nitrided gate oxide using backside secondary ion mass spectrometry depth profilingYeo, K.L.; Wee, A.T.S. ; Liu, R. ; Zhou, F.F.; See, A.
15-Jan-2003SIMS backside depth profiling of ultra shallow implantsYeo, K.L.; Wee, A.T.S. ; See, A.; Liu, R. ; Ng, C.M.
May-2002SIMS backside depth profiling of ultrashallow implants using silicon-on-insulator substratesYeo, K.L.; Wee, A.T.S. ; Liu, R. ; Ng, C.M.; See, A.
2005Thermal confinement of advanced semiconductor substrates during laser annealingPey, K.L.; Ong, K.K.; Lee, P.S.; Wee, A.T.S. ; Wang, X.C.; Chong, Y.F.; Yeo, K.L.