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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A linear identification of diode models from single I-V characteristics of PV panelsLim, L.H.I.; Ye, Z.; Ye, J.; Yang, D. ; Du H. 
Mar-2005A randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study of a Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide extract in neurastheniaTang, W.; Gao, Y.; Chen, G.; Gao, H.; Dai, X.; Ye, J.; Chan, E. ; Huang, M.; Zhou, S. 
2012An approach for jatropha improvement using pleiotropic QTLs regulating plant growth and seed yieldSun, F. ; Liu, P. ; Ye, J.; Lo, L.C.; Cao, S.; Li, L.; Yue, G.H.; Wang, C.M.
Oct-2008An electrochemical approach tunes the electric property of benzoylferrocene-modified supported lipid membraneMo, G.; Ye, J.; Sheu, F.-S. 
15-Feb-2000Approximation of minimum energy curvesQu, R. ; Ye, J.
Dec-1998Approximation of minimum energy surfaces using optimal twistsQu, R. ; Ye, J.
15-Oct-2014Cationic surfactant-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of few-layer molybdenum disulfide/graphene composites: Microstructure and electrochemical lithium storageMa, L.; Huang, G.; Chen, W.; Wang, Z.; Ye, J.; Li, H.; Chen, D.; Lee, J.Y. 
Jan-2008Central neurocytoma: typical magnetic resonance spectroscopy findings and atypical ventricular disseminationYeh, I.B.; Xu, M.; Ng, W.H.; Ye, J.; Yang, D. ; Lim, C.C.T. 
Feb-2012Cidea is an essential transcriptional coactivator regulating mammary gland secretion of milk lipidsWang, W.; Lv, N.; Zhang, S.; Shui, G. ; Qian, H.; Zhang, J.; Chen, Y.; Ye, J.; Xie, Y.; Shen, Y.; Wenk, M.R.; Li, P.
2014DNA-A of a highly pathogenic Indian cassava mosaic virus isolated from Jatropha curcas causes symptoms in Nicotiana benthamianaWang, G. ; Sun, Y.; Xu, R.; Qu, J.; Tee, C.; Jiang, X.; Ye, J.
15-Feb-2011Effect of intermolecular dipole-dipole interactions on interfacial supramolecular structures of C3-symmetric hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene derivativesMu, Z.; Shao, Q.; Ye, J.; Zeng, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Hng, H.H.; Boey, F.Y.C.; Wu, J. ; Chen, X.
Jun-2005Effects of water-soluble Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides on the immune functions of patients with advanced lung cancerGao, Y.; Tang, W.; Dai, X.; Gao, H.; Chen, G.; Ye, J.; Chan, E. ; Koh, H.L. ; Li, X.; Zhou, S. 
15-Mar-2000Efficient approximation of minimum energy curves with interpolatory constraintsQu, R. ; Ye, J.
Dec-2007Ex-vivo NMR of unprocessed tissue in water: A simplified procedure for studying intracranial neoplasmsXu, M.; Ye, J.; Yang, D. ; Xu, X.; Yeo, T.T.; Ng, W.H.; Lim, C.C.
Jun-2013Exploring innovation through open networks: A review and initial research questionsYe, J.; Kankanhalli, A. 
Sep-1999Fairing of parametric cubic splinesYe, J.; Qu, R. 
Jul-2013Functional genomics identifies five distinct molecular subtypes with clinical relevance and pathways for growth control in epithelial ovarian cancerTan, T.Z.; Miow, Q.H.; Huang, R.Y.-J.; Wong, M.K.; Ye, J.; Lau, J.A.; Wu, M.C. ; Bin Abdul Hadi, L.H.; Soong, R. ; Choolani, M.; Davidson, B.; Nesland, J.M.; Wang, L.-Z. ; Matsumura, N.; Mandai, M.; Konishi, I.; Goh, B.-C.; Chang, J.T.; Thiery, J.P. ; Mori, S. 
2008Hydroxysafflor yellow A enhances survival of vascular endothelial cells under hypoxia via upregulation of the HIF-1α-VEGF pathway and regulation of Bcl-2/BaxJi, D.B.; Li, C.L.; Ye, J.; Ji, D.B.; Zhu, H.B.; Zhu, M.C.; Zhu, B.; Zhu, Y.Z. 
20-Nov-2006IKKβ programs to turn on the GADD45α-MKK4-JNK apoptotic cascade specifically via p50 NF-κB in arsenite responseSong, L.; Li, J.; Zhang, D.; Liu, Z.-G.; Ye, J.; Zhan, Q.; Shen, H.-M. ; Whiteman, M.; Huang, C.
2005Immune responses to water-soluble Ling Zhi mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (W.Curt.:Fr.) P. Karst. Polysaccharides in patients with advanced colorectal cancerGao, Y.; Tang, W.; Dai, X.; Gao, H.; Chen, G.; Ye, J.; Chan, E. ; Huang, M.; Zhou, S.