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Jun-2013Creation of a longitudinally polarized subwavelength hotspot with an ultra-thin planar lens: Vectorial Rayleigh-Sommerfeld methodYe, H.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Huang, K.; Teng, J.; Luk'Yanchuk, B.; Yeo, S.P. 
1-Feb-2014Creation of vectorial bottle-hollow beam using radially or azimuthally polarized lightYe, H.; Wan, C.; Huang, K.; Han, T.; Teng, J.; Ping, Y.S. ; Qiu, C.-W.
2010Delivering knowledge across boundaries: A process model of knowledge delivery in offshoring projectsFeng, Y.; Ye, H.; Pan, S.L. 
2013Finite-boundary bowtie aperture antenna for trapping nanoparticlesYe, H.; Wang, H.; Yeo, S.P. ; Qiu, C. 
Jan-2011HIT: Linking herbal active ingredients to targetsYe, H.; Ye, L.; Kang, H.; Zhang, D.; Tao, L.; Tang, K.; Liu, X.; Zhu, R.; Liu, Q.; Chen, Y.Z. ; Li, Y.; Cao, Z.
2011Investigating value co-creation in innovation of IT-enabled services: An empirical study of mobile data servicesYe, H.; Kankanhalli, A. ; Goh, K.Y. ; Sun, J. 
2013Leveraging crowdsourcing for organizational value co-creationYe, H.; Kankanhalli, A. 
2011Leveraging structural holes for innovation: The moderating effects of it-enabled absorptive capacity (Research in Progress)Ye, H.; Kankanhalli, A. 
Jan-2014Optimization-free superoscillatory lens using phase and amplitude masksHuang, K.; Ye, H.; Teng, J.; Yeo, S.P. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.; Qiu, C.-W. 
Apr-2005Synthesis and characterization of novel multifunctional poly(methyl methacrylate)s as potential fluorescent labels for electron-beam lithographyLiao, S.; Soo, C.P.; Ye, H.; Valiyaveettil, S. 
21-Apr-2013Theoretical realization of robust broadband transparency in ultrathin seamless nanostructures by dual blackbodies for near infrared lightZhang, L.; Hao, J.; Ye, H.; Yeo, S.P. ; Qiu, M.; Zouhdi, S.; Qiu, C.-W. 
2011Value co-creation with customers through design toolkits: The importance of preference fit and psychological ownershipCui, T.; Ye, H.; Teo, H.H. 
2010Why do they return help? Examining the motives of reciprocity in online communitiesYe, H.; Kankanhalli, A. ; Feng, Y.