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12-Mar-2012Colloidal nanocrystals of wurtzite-type Cu 2ZnSnS 4: Facile noninjection synthesis and formation mechanismRegulacio, M.D.; Ye, C.; Lim, S.H.; Bosman, M.; Ye, E.; Chen, S.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Han, M.-Y. 
7-Mar-2011Disproportionation for growing copper nanowires and their controlled self-assembly facilitated by ligand exchangeYe, E.; Zhang, S.-Y.; Liu, S.; Han, M.-Y. 
2015Effective near-infrared photodynamic therapy assisted by upconversion nanoparticles conjugated with photosensitizersDou, Q.Q.; Teng, C.P.; Ye, E.; Loh, X.J. 
Dec-2013Engineering Polymeric Microparticles as Theranostic Carriers for Selective Delivery and Cancer TherapyWin, K.Y.; Ye, E.; Teng, C.P.; Jiang, S.; Han, M.-Y. 
14-Jul-2010Graphitically encapsulated cobalt nanocrystal assembliesLiu, S.-H. ; Gao, H.; Ye, E.; Low, M.; Lim, S.H.; Zhang, S.-Y.; Lieu, X.; Tripathy, S.; Tremel, W.; Han, M.-Y. 
14-Oct-2010Morphological tuning, self-assembly and optical properties of indium oxide nanocrystalsYe, E.; Zhang, S.-Y.; Hon Lim, S.; Liu, S. ; Han, M.-Y. 
21-May-2012On-site chemical reaction lights up protein assemblies in cellsWin, K.Y.; Teng, C.P.; Bee Jin, M.L.; Ye, E.; Tansil, N.C.; Han, M.-Y. 
2009Oxidation-induced constituent separation of magnetic exchange biased Fe/CoO nanocrystalsLiu, S. ; Ding, N.; Ye, E.; Zong, Y.; Wang, D.; Knoll, W.; Han, M.-Y. 
8-Jun-2011Plasmonic gold nanocrosses with multidirectional excitation and strong photothermal effectYe, E.; Win, K.Y.; Tan, H.R.; Lin, M.; Teng, C.P.; Mlayah, A.; Han, M.-Y. 
2013Surface plasmon damping quantified with an electron nanoprobeBosman, M.; Ye, E.; Tan, S.F.; Nijhuis, C.A. ; Yang, J.K.W.; Marty, R.; Mlayah, A.; Arbouet, A.; Girard, C.; Han, M.-Y.
22-Aug-2012Temperature and chemical bonding-directed self-assembly of cobalt phosphide nanowires in reaction solutions into vertical and horizontal alignmentsZhang, S.-Y.; Ye, E.; Liu, S.; Lim, S.H.; Tee, S.Y.; Dong, Z.; Han, M.-Y. 
16-May-2011Ternary cobalt-iron phosphide nanocrystals with controlled compositions, properties, and morphologies from nanorods and nanorice to split nanostructuresYe, E.; Zhang, S.-Y.; Lim, S.H.; Bosman, M.; Zhang, Z.; Win, K.Y.; Han, M.-Y.