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2014Burden of Total and Cause-Specific Mortality Related to Tobacco Smoking among Adults Aged ≥45 Years in Asia: A Pooled Analysis of 21 CohortsZheng W.; McLerran D.F.; Rolland B.A.; Fu Z.; Boffetta P.; He J.; Gupta P.C.; Ramadas K.; Tsugane S.; Irie F.; Tamakoshi A.; Gao Y.-T.; Koh W.-P. ; Shu X.-O.; Ozasa K.; Nishino Y.; Tsuji I.; Tanaka H.; Chen C.-J.; Yuan J.-M.; Ahn Y.-O.; Yoo K.-Y.; Ahsan H.; Pan W.-H.; Qiao Y.-L.; Gu D.; Pednekar M.S.; Sauvaget C.; Sawada N.; Sairenchi T.; Yang G.; Wang R.; Xiang Y.-B.; Ohishi W.; Kakizaki M.; Watanabe T.; Oze I.; You S.-L.; Sugawara Y.; Butler L.M.; Kim D.-H.; Park S.K.; Parvez F.; Chuang S.-Y.; Fan J.-H.; Shen C.-Y.; Chen Y.; Grant E.J.; Lee J.E.; Sinha R.; Matsuo K.; Thornquist M.; Inoue M.; Feng Z.; Kang D.; Potter J.D.
2010CeO2 nano-precipitation in borosilicate glasses: A redox study using EELSYang G.; Cook S. ; Hand R.J.; M�bus G.
2010Nano-scale quasi-melting of alkali-borosilicate glasses under electron irradiationM�bus G.; Ojovan M.; Cook S. ; Tsai J.; Yang G.
2009On fluidization of borosilicate glasses in intense radiation fieldsOjovan M.; M�bus G.; Tsai J.; Cook S. ; Yang G.
2010Reduced body weight and increased energy expenditure in transgenic mice over-expressing soluble leptin receptorLou P.-H.; Yang G.; Huang L.; Cui Y.; Pourbahrami T.; Radda G.K.; Li C.; Han W. 
2014Should the Three Gorges Dam be blamed for the extremely low water levels in the middle-lower Yangtze River?Lai X.; Jiang J.; Yang G.; Lu X.X.