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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A HOIM-based iterative learning control scheme for multi-agent formationXu, J.-X. ; Zhang, S.; Yang, S.
Aug-2013A simple assay for determination of levetiracetam in rat dried blood spots by LC-MS/MSLuo, W.; Kong, S.T.; Yang, S.; Chan, B.C.W.; Ho, P.C. 
2012Adaptive Iterative learning control for multi-agent systems consensus trackingYang, S.; Xu, J.-X. 
2003Aerodynamic design of cascades by using an adjoint equation methodYang, S.; Wu, H.-Y.; Liu, F.; Tsai, H.-M. 
1-Apr-2004Analysis of nanoindentation creep for polymeric materialsYang, S.; Zhang, Y.-W. ; Zeng, K.
2006Asymmetric Baylis-Hillman reactions promoted by chiral imidazolinesXu, J.; Guan, Y.; Yang, S.; Ng, Y.; Peh, G.; Tan, C.-H. 
2006Asymmetric Baylis-Hillman reactions promoted by chiral imidazolinesXu, J.; Guan, Y. ; Yang, S.; Ng, Y.; Peh, G.; Tan, C.-H. 
2010Atypical chikungunya virus infections in immunocompromised patientsKee, A.C.L.; Yang, S.; Tambyah, P. 
2009Causal Message Sequence ChartsGazagnaire, T.; Genest, B.; Hélouët, L.; Thiagarajan, P.S. ; Yang, S.
19-May-2009Characterization of DLC1-SAM equilibrium unfolding at the amino acid residue levelYang, S.; Noble, C.G.; Yang, D. 
2003Comparison of three geometric representations of airfoils for aerodynamic optimizationWu, H.-Y.; Yang, S.; Liu, F.; Tsai, H.-M. 
2005Computation of the flows over flapping airfoil by the euler equationsYang, S.; Luo, S.; Liu, F.; Tsai, H.-M. 
2013Consensus based approach for economic dispatch problem in a smart gridYang, S.; Tan, S.; Xu, J.-X. 
1-Feb-2014Conversion efficiency enhancement of CdS quantum dot-sensitized electrospun nanostructured TiO2 solar cells by organic dipole treatmentYang, S.; Nair, A.S.; Ramakrishna, S. 
2011Decentralized coordination control for mas with workload learningXu, J.-X. ; Yang, S.
Jul-2005Design of a uniform amplitude time modulated linear array with optimized time sequencesYang, S.; Gan, Y.B. ; Qing, A. ; Tan, P.K.
Aug-2005Design of high-power millimeter-wave TM01-TE11 mode converters by the differential evolution algorithmYang, S.; Qing, A. 
2012Development and characterization of a clinically compliant xeno-free culture medium in good manufacturing practice for human multipotent mesenchymal stem cellsChase, L.G.; Yang, S.; Zachar, V.; Yang, Z. ; Lakshmipathy, U.; Bradford, J.; Boucher, S.E.; Vemuri, M.C.
2010Discovery of a green DNA probe for live-cell imagingFeng, S.; Kyung Kim, Y. ; Yang, S.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Jun-2009Effect of dextran on rheological properties of rat bloodKim, S. ; Yang, S.; Lim, D.