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2007An integrated software of optical system and media designLim, K.G.; Shi, L.P.; Li, J.M.; Miao, X.S.; Tan, W.L.; Yang, H.X.; Lim, Y.B.; Yuan, G.Q.; Chong, T.C. 
2008Crystallization-induced stress in phase change random access memoryLi, M.H.; Li, J.M.; Shi, L.P.; Yang, H.X.; Chong, T.C. ; Li, Y. 
2009Edge contact lateral phase change RAM with superlattice-like phase change mediumYang, H.X.; Shi, L.P.; Zhao, R.; Lee, H.K.; Li, J.M.; Lim, K.G.; Chong, T.C. 
2012Engineering grains of Ge2Sb2Te5 for realizing fast-speed, low-power, and low-drift phase-change memories with further multilevel capabilitiesWang, W.J.; Loke, D.; Law, L.T.; Shi, L.P.; Zhao, R.; Li, M.H.; Chen, L.L.; Yang, H.X.; Yeo, Y.C. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Chong, T.C.; Lacaita, A.L.
2006Investigation of nano-phase change for phase change random access memoryShi, L.P.; Chong, T.C. ; Wei, X.Q.; Zhao, R.; Wang, W.J.; Yang, H.X.; Lee, H.K.; Li, J.M.; Yeo, N.Y.; Lim, K.G.; Miao, X.S.; Song, W.D.
1997Kinetic studies of the oxygen-atom transfer reactions between bis(diethyldithiocarbamato)dioxomolybdenum and triphenylphosphineHuang, H.H. ; Huang, W. ; Yang, H.X.; Gao, P.L.; Han, D.G.
2010Multi-level lateral phase change memory based on N-doped Sb 70Te30 super-lattice like structureYang, H.X.; Shi, L.P.; Lee, H.K.; Zhao, R.; Li, M.H.; Li, J.M.; Lim, K.G.; Chong, T.C. 
2011Nano superlattice-like materials as thermal insulators for phase-change random access memoryLoke, D.; Shi, L.P.; Wang, W.J.; Zhao, R.; Ng, L.T.; Lim, K.G.; Yang, H.X.; Chong, T.C.; Yeo, Y.C.