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1992A review of patients with a 'normal' coronary angiogram over a 3-year period.Lim, Y.T. ; Choo, M.H.; Kon, K.; Yan, P.; Yeoh, J.K. ; Soo, C.S.; Lim, M. ; Ling, L.H.
2007Functional unit selection in superscalar microprocessors for low powerYan, P.; Tiow, T.T. 
Apr-2005HW/SW co-design for low power arithmetic and logic unitsTiow, T.T. ; Sin, N.K.; Yan, P.
1992Intravascular hemolysis after mitral valve repair: a word of cautionMestres, C.A. ; Sim, E.K.W. ; Adebo, O.A.; Lee, C.N. ; Soo, C.S.; Yan, P.
2004Lossless and near-lossless motion-compensated 4D medical image compressionYan, P.; Kassim, A. 
Oct-2006Medical image segmentation using minimal path deformable models with implicit shape priorsYan, P.; Kassim, A.A. 
2004Medical image segmentation with minimal path deformable modelsYan, P.; Kassim, A.A. 
2009Modeling interaction for segmentation of neighboring structuresYan, P.; Kassim, A.A. ; Shen, W. ; Shah, M.
Mar-2005Motion compensated lossy-to-lossless compression of 4-D medical images using integer wavelet transformsKassim, A.A. ; Yan, P.; Lee, W.S. ; Sengupta, K. 
2005MRA image segmentation with capillary active contourYan, P.; Kassim, A.A. 
2005MRA image segmentation with capillary active contour.Yan, P.; Kassim, A.A. 
Feb-2008Neural network-based modelling of subsonic cavity flowsEfe, M.Ö.; Debiasi, M. ; Yan, P.; Özbay, H.; Samimy, M.
Jan-2013Probing the function of neuronal populations: Combining micromirror-based optogenetic photostimulation with voltage-sensitive dye imagingTsuda, S. ; Kee, M.Z.L. ; Cunha, C.; Kim, J. ; Yan, P.; Loew, L.M.; Augustine, G.J.
2010Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service, ICIMCS'10: PrefaceYong, R.; Nahrstedt, K.; Xu, X.; Yao, H.; Jiang, S.; Cheng, J.; Chen, X.; Du, J.; Duan, L.; Fan, J.; Gao, X.; Huang, Q.; Kankanhalli, M. ; Li, X.; Liu, J.; Liu, Q.; Liu, Y.; Ngo, C.-W.; Rui, T.; Sato, Y.; Sebe, N.; Snoek, C.; Tian, Q.; Wang, J.; Wang, J.; Wang, Q.; Wu, F.; Xu, C.; Xu, D.; Yan, P.; Yan, S. ; Yang, J.; Yang, X.; Yuan, Y.; Zhu, G. ; Zhu, Z.; Zimmermann, R. 
2005Segmentation of neighboring organs in medical image with model competitionYan, P.; Shen, W.; Kassim, A.A. ; Shah, M.
2005Segmentation of neighboring organs in medical image with model competition.Yan, P.; Shen, W.; Kassim, A.A. ; Shah, M.
Jun-2006Segmentation of volumetric MRA images by using capillary active contourYan, P.; Kassim, A.A.