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Jul-2002An adaptive asynchronous CDMA multiuser detector for frequency-selective Rayleigh fading channelsTjhung, T.T. ; Xue, X.; Dai, Y. ; Wong, K.N.; He, P. 
21-Sep-2011Emerging functional nanomaterials for therapeuticsXue, X.; Wang, F. ; Liu, X. 
2008Multicolor tuning of (Ln, P)-doped YVO4 nanoparticles by single-wavelength excitationWang, F. ; Xue, X.; Liu, X. 
26-Aug-2009Multiplex single-nucleotide polymorphism typing by nanoparticle-coupled DNA-templated reactionsXue, X.; Xu, W.; Wang, F. ; Liu, X. 
2008Nhp6p and Med3p Regulate Gene Expression by Controlling the Local Subunit Composition of RNA Polymerase IIXue, X.; Lehming, N. 
19-Mar-2008One-step, room temperature, colorimetric detection of mercury (Hg 2+) using DNA/nanoparticle conjugatesXue, X.; Wang, F. ; Liu, X. 
18-Dec-2009Polymer-protected sub-2-nm-nanogap fabrication for biological sensing in near-physiological conditionsZhang, H.; Barsotti, R.J.; Wong, C.-L.; Xue, X.; Liu, X. ; Stellacci, F.; Thong, J.T.L. 
Jul-2010Replication of lung cancer susceptibility loci at chromosomes 15q25, 5p15, and 6p21: A pooled analysis from the international lung cancer consortiumTruong, T.; Hung, R.J.; Amos, C.I.; Wu, X.; Bickeböller, H.; Rosenberger, A.; Sauter, W.; Illig, T.; Wichmann, H.-E.; Risch, A.; Dienemann, H.; Kaaks, R.; Yang, P.; Jiang, R.; Wiencke, J.K.; Wrensch, M.; Hansen, H.; Kelsey, K.T.; Matsuo, K.; Tajima, K.; Schwartz, A.G.; Wenzlaff, A.; Seow, A. ; Ying, C.; Staratschek-Jox, A.; Nürnberg, P.; Stoelben, E.; Wolf, J.; Lazarus, P.; Muscat, J.E.; Gallagher, C.J.; Zienolddiny, S.; Haugen, A.; Van Der Heijden, H.F.M.; Kiemeney, L.A.; Isla, D.; Mayordomo, J.I.; Rafnar, T.; Stefansson, K.; Zhang, Z.-F.; Chang, S.-C.; Kim, J.H.; Hong, Y.-C.; Duell, E.J.; Andrew, A.S.; Lejbkowicz, F.; Rennert, G.; Müller, H.; Brenner, H.; Le Marchand, L.; Benhamou, S.; Bouchardy, C.; Teare, M.D.; Xue, X.; McLaughlin, J.; Liu, G.; McKay, J.D.; Brennan, P.; Spitz, M.R.
2010Tunable upconversion emissions from lanthanide-doped monodisperse β-NaYF4 nanoparticlesWang, F. ; Wang, J.; Xu, J.; Xue, X.; Chen, H.; Liu, X. 
1-Sep-2009Ultrasensitive and selective colorimetric dna detection by nicking endonuclease assisted. Nanoparticle amplificationXu, W.; Xue, X.; Li, T.; Zeng, H. ; Liu, X.