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2012A computerized risk evaluation model for public-private partnership (PPP) projects and its applicationXu Y.; Lu Y. ; Chan A.P.C.; Skibniewski M.J.; Yeung J.F.Y.
2015Atrophic patterns of the frontal-subcortical circuits in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseZhao H.; Li X.; Wu W. ; Li Z.; Qian L.; Li S.; Zhang B.; Xu Y.
2011Evaluation of three high abundance protein depletion kits for umbilical cord serum proteomicsLiu B. ; Qiu F.-H.; Voss C.; Xu Y.; Zhao M.-Z.; Wu Y.-X.; Nie J.; Wang Z.-L.
2013Functional analysis of microRNA and transcription factor synergistic regulatory network based on identifying regulatory motifs in non-small cell lung cancerLi K.; Li Z.; Zhao N.; Xu Y.; Liu Y.; Zhou Y.; Shang D.; Qiu F.; Zhang R. ; Chang Z.; Xu Y.
2011Identification and typing of human enterovirus: A genomic barcode approachWei C.; Wang G.; Chen X.; Huang H.; Liu B. ; Xu Y.; Li F.
2016Low-dose chloroquine is associated with favourable effects on lipoprotein metabolism without significant influence on insulin resistanceLee L.S. ; Leow M.K. ; Xu Y.; Wilder-Smith A. ; Cheung Y.B. ; Paton N.I. 
2015Mid-infrared optical nonlinearities of chalcogenide glasses in Ge-Sb-Se ternary systemDai S.; Chen F.; Xu Y.; Xu Z.; Shen X.; Xu T.; Wang R.; Ji W. 
2014Phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of novel mouse cell line (NIH/3T3)-adapted human enterovirus 71 strains (EV71:TLLm and EV71:TLLmv)Victorio C.B.L.; Xu Y.; Ng Q.; Chow V.T.K. ; Chua K.B.
2016Relationship between Blood Pressure and Outcomes in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Administered Lytic Medication in the TIMSChina StudyWu W.; Huo X.; Zhao X.; Liao X.; Wang C.; Pan Y.; Wang Y.; Wang Y.; Wang C.; Liu L.; Bi Q.; Cui L.; Sun Y.; He M.; Fan D.; Zhang X.; Li Y.; Wang S.; Fan W.; Ren C.; Liu Z.; Sun X.; Chen X.; Bai Q.; Gu D.; Hu C.; Li X.; Dong Q.; Cheng Y.; Li B.; Li C.; Wang T.; Wang L.; Zhao K.; Tao D.; Qu F.; Zhang J.; Wang J.; Lian Y.; Gao Y.; Sun H.; Li J.; Li G.; Zhu Y.; Yang Z.; Zhou J.; Guo M.; Ma Q.; Gao X.; Huang R.; Xiao B. ; Chen K.; Gao L.; Xu A.; Shao M.; Xu E.; Pan X.; Cai Y.; Xu Y.; Ke K.; Kong Y.; Ding L.; Cao Y.; Liu Y.; Xu K.; Xing C.; Su S.; Zhang G.; Zheng R.; Zhai M.; Zhu Y.; Liu Y.; Zhang X.; Wu S.; Liu J.