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Nov-2020Cohort profile: Singapore Preconception Study of Long-Term Maternal and Child Outcomes (S-PRESTO)Loo E.X.L. ; Soh S.-E. ; Loy S.L. ; Ng S.; Tint M.T.; Chan S.-Y.; Huang J.Y.; Yap F. ; Tan K.H. ; Chern B.S.M.; Tan H.H.; Meaney M.J.; Karnani N. ; Godfrey K.M.; Lee Y.S. ; Chan J.K.Y. ; Gluckman P.D.; Chong Y.-S.; Shek L.P.-C. ; Eriksson J.G. ; Chia A.; Fogel A.M.; Goh A.E.N.; Chu A.H.Y.; Rifkin-Graboi A.; Qiu A.; Lee B.W.; Cheon B.K.; Vaz C.; Henry C.J.; Forde C.G.; Chi C.; Koh D.X.P.; Phua D.Y.; Loh D.N.L.; Quah E.P.L.; Tham E.H.; Law E.C.N.; Magkos F.; Mueller-Riemenschneider F.; Yeo G.S.H.; Yong H.E.J.; Chen H.Y.; Pan H.; Bever H.P.S.; Tan H.M.; Aris I.B.M.; Tay J.; Xu J.; Yoong J.S.-Y.; Eriksson J.G.; Choo J.T.L.; Bernard J.Y.; Lai J.S.; Tan K.M.L.; Kwek K.Y.C.; McCrickerd K.; Narasimhan K.; Chong K.W.; Lee K.J.; Chen L.; Ling L.H.; Chen L.-W.; Daniel L.M.; Fortier M.V.; Chong M.F.-F.; Chua M.C.; Leow M.K.-S.; Kee M.Z.L.; Gong M.; Michael N.; Lek N.; Teoh O.H.; Mishra P.; Li Q.L.J.; Velan S.S.; Ang S.B.; Cai S.; Goh S.H.; Lim S.B.; Tsotsi S.; Hsu S.C.-Y.; Toh S.-A.E.S.; Sadananthan S.A.; Tan T.H.; Yew T.W.; Gupta V.; Rajadurai V.S.; Han W.M.; Pang W.W.; Yuan W.L.; Zhu Y.; Cheung Y.B.; Chan Y.H.; Cheng Z.R.; the S-PRESTO Study Group
2017Decline in changing montreal cognitive assessment (MoCA) scores is associated withpost-stroke cognitive decline determined by a formal neuropsychological evaluationTan H.H.; Xu J.; Teoh H.L. ; Chan B.P.-L.; Seet R.C.S. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Sharma V.K. ; Chen C.L.-H. ; Dong Y.
2014Disrupted brain functional network in internet addiction disorder: A resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging studyWee C.Y. ; Zhao Z.; Yap P.T.; Wu G.; Shi F.; Price T.; Du Y.; Xu J.; Zhou Y.; Shen D.
2013Effects of vegetation restoration on soil conservation and sediment loads in China: A critical reviewRan L.; Lu X.X. ; Xu J.
2011Expression of sphingosine kinase 1 in amoeboid microglial cells in the corpus callosum of postnatal ratsLin H.; Baby N. ; Lu J.; Kaur C. ; Zhang C.; Xu J.; Ling E.-A. ; Dheen S.T. 
2015Genus-Wide Comparative Genomics of Malassezia Delineates Its Phylogeny, Physiology, and Niche Adaptation on Human SkinWu G.; Zhao H.; Li C.; Rajapakse M.P.; Wong W.C.; Xu J.; Saunders C.W.; Reeder N.L.; Reilman R.A.; Scheynius A.; Sun S.; Billmyre B.R.; Li W.; Averette A.F.; Mieczkowski P.; Heitman J.; Theelen B.; Schr�der M.S.; De Sessions P.F.; Butler G.; Maurer-Stroh S. ; Boekhout T.; Nagarajan N. ; Dawson T.L.
2020Implication of gut microbiota in the association between infant antibiotic exposure and childhood obesity and adiposity accumulationChen L.-W. ; Xu J.; Soh S.E. ; Aris I.M. ; Tint M.-T. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Tan K.H. ; Shek L.P.-C. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Yap F. ; Godfrey K.M.; Gilbert J.A.; Karnani N. ; Lee Y.S. 
2016Intestinal Microbiota Distinguish Gout Patients from Healthy HumansGuo Z.; Zhang J.; Wang Z.; Ang K.Y.; Huang S.; Hou Q.; Su X.; Qiao J.; Zheng Y.; Wang L.; Koh E. ; Danliang H. ; Xu J.; Lee Y.K. ; Zhang H.
2010Neuronal calcium sensor synaptotagmin-9 is not involved in the regulation of glucose homeostasis or insulin secretionGustavsson N.; Wang X.; Wang Y.; Seah T.; Xu J.; Radda G.K.; Südhof T.C.; Han W. 
2017PM2.5: A barrier to fitness and health promotion in ChinaXu J.; Gao C.; Lee J.K.W. ; Zhao J.
2015SHOEBOX Modulates Root Meristem Size in Rice through Dose-Dependent Effects of Gibberellins on Cell Elongation and ProliferationLi J.; Zhao Y.; Chu H.; Wang L.; Fu Y.; Liu P.; Upadhyaya N.; Chen C.; Mou T.; Feng Y.; Kumar P. ; Xu J.
2013The Clinical Application of One-Stop Examination with 640-Slice Volume CT for Nutcracker SyndromeZhong J.; Yuan J.; Chong V. ; Wang Z.; Xu J.; Ding Z.
2016The Montreal cognitive assessment is superior to national institute of neurological disease and stroke-Canadian stroke network 5-minute protocol in predicting vascular cognitive impairment at 1yearDong Y.H.; Xu J.; Chan B.P.-L.; Seet R.C.S.; Venketasubramanian N.; Teoh H.L.; Sharma V.K. ; Chen C.L.-H. 
2014The structural and functional organization of the podocyte filtration slits is regulated by Tjp1/ZO-1Itoh M.; Nakadate K.; Horibata Y.; Matsusaka T.; Xu J.; Hunziker W. ; Sugimoto H.
2018Two-dimensional multibit optoelectronic memory with broadband spectrum distinctionXiang D. ; Liu T. ; Xu J.; Tan J.Y. ; Hu Z. ; Lei B.; Zheng Y.; Wu J.; Neto A.H.C.; Liu L.; Chen W. 
2017Ultra-high Seebeck coefficient and low thermal conductivity of a centimeter-sized perovskite single crystal acquired by a modified fast growth methodYe T.; Wang X.; Li X.; Yan A.Q.; Ramakrishna S. ; Xu J.
2014ZO-1 and ZO-2 are required for extra-embryonic endoderm integrity, primitive ectoderm survival and normal cavitation in embryoid bodies derived from mouse embryonic stem cellsPhua D.C.Y.; Xu J.; Ali S.M.; Boey A.; Gounko N.V.; Hunziker W.