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2013Comprehensive Characterization of Human Genome Variation by High Coverage Whole-Genome Sequencing of Forty Four CaucasiansShen H. ; Li J.; Zhang J.; Xu C.; Jiang Y.; Wu Z.; Zhao F.; Liao L.; Chen J.; Lin Y.; Tian Q.; Papasian C.J.; Deng H.-W.
2018Differences in clinical features and dengue severity between local and migrant Chinese with dengue infection in SingaporeXu C.; Pang J. ; Hsu J.P.; Leo Y.S. ; Lye D.C.B. 
2012Epidemiological and virological characteristics of influenza in the western pacific region of the world health organization, 2006-2010Cook A.R.; Barr I.; Hurt A.; Kelso A.; Reading P.; Ly S.; Seng H.; Buchy P.; Ung S.A.; Shu Y.; Xu C.; Xu Z.; Wang D.; Kama M.; Singh P.; Fujisaki S.; Odagiri T.; Tashiro M.; Archkhawongs S.; Khamphaphongphanh B.; Vongphrachanh P.; Kheong C.C.; Ismail N.; Burmaa A.; Darmaa B.; Nymadawa P.; Grangeon J.-P.; Gourinat A.-C.; Huang Q.S.; Lopez L.D.; Lopez J.M.; Olveda R.M.; Roque V.; Jennings L.; Kang C.; Lin C.; Lin R. ; Tee W.S.N. ; Balish A.; Corwin A.; Kapella B.K.; Kitsutani P.; Mcfarland J.; Moen A.; Xu X.; Hoang V.M.P.; Long N.L.; Mai L.Q.; Nguyen L.K.H.; Nguyen H.A.; Nguyen T.L.; Nguyen T.N.; Asgari N.; Dawainavesi A.; Denehy E.J.; Dominguez M.N.; Jamsran M.; Kasai T.; Kool J.; Lewis H.; Luo D.; Olowokure B.; Partridge J.; Pavlin B.; Samaan G.; Singh H.; Tsuyuoka R.; Vakacegu A.; Zhang W.
8-Jan-2018Genomic and Epigenomic Profiling of High-Risk Intestinal Metaplasia Reveals Molecular Determinants of Progression to Gastric CancerHuang K.K.; Ramnarayanan K.; Zhu F.; Srivastava S.; Xu C.; Tan A.L.K.; Lee M.; Tay S.; Das K.; Xing M.; Fatehullah A.; Alkaff S.M.F.; Lim T.K.H.; Lee J.; Ho K.Y.; Rozen S.G.; Teh B.T.; Barker N.; Chia C.K.; Khor C.; Ooi C.J.; Fock K.M.; So J. ; Lim W.C.; Ling K.L.; Ang T.L.; Wong A.; Rao J.; Rajnakova A.; Lim L.G.; Yap W.M.; Teh M.; Yeoh K.G.; Tan P.
2017Life cycle assessment of antibiotic mycelial residues management in ChinaChen W.; Geng Y.; Hong J.; Kua H.W. ; Xu C.; Yu N.
2015Proteomic analysis of seedling roots of two maize inbred lines that differ significantly in the salt stress responseCui D.; Wu D.; Liu J. ; Li D.; Xu C.; Li S.; Li P.; Zhang H.; Liu X.; Jiang C.; Wang L.; Chen T.; Chen H.; Zhao L.