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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A 1-MHz zero-voltage-switching asymmetrical half-bridge DC/DC converter: Analysis and designXu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M. ; Leong, T.M.; Oruganti, R. 
Dec-2011A complementary modularized ramp metering approach based on iterative learning control and ALINEAHou, Z.; Xu, X.; Yan, J.; Xu, J.-X. ; Xiong, G.
Sep-2010A conforming point interpolation method (CPIM) by shape function reconstruction for elasticity problemsXu, X.; Liu, G.R. ; Gu, Y.T.; Zhang, G.Y.
2012A near-threshold, multi-node, wireless body area sensor network powered by RF energy harvestingCheng, J.; Xia, L.; Ma, C.; Lian, Y. ; Xu, X.; Yue, C.P.; Hong, Z.; Chiang, P.Y.
2003A neural-network-based-method on speed control of ultrasonic motorsLiang, Y.C.; Shi, X.H.; Lee, H.P. ; Lin, W.Z.; Xu, X.; Lim, S.P. ; Lee, K.H. 
2001A new nerve guide conduit material composed of a biodegradable poly(phosphoester)Wang, S. ; Wan, A.C.A.; Xu, X.; Gao, S.; Leong, K.W.; Yu, H. ; Mao, H.-Q. 
Jul-2009A node-based smoothed point interpolation method (NS-PIM) for three-dimensional heat transfer problemsWu, S.C.; Liu, G.R. ; Zhang, H.O.; Xu, X.; Li, Z.R.
15-Apr-2009A point interpolation method with least square strain field (PIM-LSS) for solution bounds and ultra-accurate solutions using triangular meshXu, X.; Liu, G.R. ; Zhang, G.Y.
Oct-2010A point interpolation method with locally smoothed strain field (PIM-LS2) for mechanics problems using triangular meshXu, X.; Liu, G.R. ; Gu, Y.T.; Zhang, G.Y.; Luo, J.W.; Peng, J.X.
2007A soft-switched back-to-back bi-directional DC/DC converter with a FPGA based digital control for automotive applicationsXu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M. ; Oruganti, R. 
22-Jul-2005A stable adaptive neural-network-based scheme for dynamical system controlXu, X.; Liang, Y.C.; Lee, H.P. ; Lin, W.Z.; Lim, S.P. ; Shi, X.H.
5-Mar-2009A superconvergent point interpolation method (SC-PIM) with piecewise linear strain field using triangular meshLiu, G.R. ; Xu, X.; Zhang, G.Y.; Nguyen-Thoi, T.
2004An asymmetrical half bridge DC-DC converter : Close loop design in frequency domainXu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M. ; Oruganti, R. 
2004An asymmetrical half bridge flyback converter with Zero-Voltage and Zero-Current SwitchingXu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M. ; Oruganti, R. 
Aug-2013An energy conservative symplectic methodology for buckling of cylindrical shells under axial compressionSun, J.; Xu, X.; Lim, C.W.; Tan, V.B.C. 
Apr-2009An extended Galerkin weak form and a point interpolation method with continuous strain field and superconvergence using triangular meshLiu, G.R. ; Xu, X.; Zhang, G.Y.; Gu, Y.T.
Sep-2004Anisotropic thermal expansion of stoichiometric lithium niobate crystals grown along the normal direction of facetsXu, X.; Chong, T.-C. ; Solanki, S.; Liang, X.; Yuan, S.
2010Background correction of detected digital data page for holographic storageSolanki, S.; Xu, X.; Liang, X.; Chong, T.-C. 
2010Beyond simple nostalgia: Nostalgic design on the stage of modern Chinese dramaXu, X.; Wong Chong Thai, B.; Boucharenc, C.G. 
1-Oct-2002Characterization of a novel envelope protein (VP281) of shrimp white spot syndrome virus by mass spectrometryHuang, C. ; Zhang, X. ; Lin, Q. ; Xu, X.; Hew, C.-L.