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2017A thiol probe for measuring unfolded protein load and proteostasis in cellsChen, M.Z; Moily, N.S; Bridgford, J.L; Wood, R.J; Radwan, M; Smith, T.A; Song, Z; Tang, B.Z; Tilley, L; Xu, X; Reid, G.E; Pouladi, M.A ; Hong, Y; Hatters, D.M
2016ANO1 protein as a potential biomarker for esophageal cancer prognosis and precancerous lesion development predictionShang, L; Hao, J.-J; Zhao, X.-K; He, J.-Z; Shi, Z.-Z; Liu, H.-J; Wu, L.-F; Jiang, Y.-Y ; Shi, F; Yang, H; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y.-Z; Zhang, T.-T; Xu, X; Cai, Y; Jia, X.-M; Li, M; Zhan, Q.-M; Li, E.-M; Wang, L.-D; Wei, W.-Q; Wang, M.-R
2015Facile synthesis of novel graphene sponge for high performance capacitive deionizationXu, X; Pan, L; Liu, Y; Lu, T; Sun, Z; Chua, D.H.C 
2016Female gender lost protective effect against disease progression in elderly patients with chronic hepatitis BYou, H; Kong, Y; Hou, J; Wei, L; Zhang, Y; Niu, J; Han, T; Ou, X; Dou, X; Shang, J; Tang, H; Xie, Q; Ding, H; Ren, H; Xu, X; Xie, W; Liu, X; Xu, Y; Li, Y; Li, J; Chow, S.-C ; Zhuang, H; Jia, J
2016First record of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) southwest of Hainan Island, ChinaLi, S ; Lin, M; Xu, X; Xing, L; Zhang, P; Gozlan, R.E; Huang, S.-L; Wang, D
2016Human cytomegalovirus may promote tumour progression by upregulating arginase-2Costa, H; Xu, X; Overbeek, G; Vasaikar, S; Pawan K. Patro, C; Kostopoulou, O.N; Jung, M; Shafi, G; Ananthaseshan, S; Tsipras, G; Davoudi, B; Mohammad, A.-A; Lam, H; Strååt, K; Wilhelmi, V; Shang, M; Tegner, J; Tong, J.C ; Wong, K.T; Söderberg-Naucler, C; Yaiw, K.-C
2016KIAA1522 is a novel prognostic biomarker in patients with non-small cell lung cancerLiu, Y.-Z; Yang, H; Cao, J; Jiang, Y.-Y ; Hao, J.-J; Xu, X; Cai, Y; Wang, M.-R
2015Novel nitrogen doped graphene sponge with ultrahigh capacitive deionization performanceXu, X; Sun, Z; Chua, D.H.C ; Pan, L
2017Proton enhanced dynamic battery chemistry for aprotic lithium-oxygen batteriesZhu, Y.G; Liu, Q; Rong, Y; Chen, H; Yang, J ; Jia, C ; Yu, L.-J; Karton, A; Ren, Y; Xu, X; Adams, S ; Wang, Q 
2015RILP suppresses invasion of breast cancer cells by modulating the activity of RalA through interaction with RalGDSWang, Z; Zhou, Y; Hu, X; Chen, W; Lin, X; Sun, L; Xu, X; Hong, W ; Wang, T
4-Dec-2018Smoke radiocarbon measurements from Indonesian fires provide evidence for burning of millennia-aged peatWiggins, EB; Czimczik, CI; Santos, GM; Chen, Y; Xu, X; Holden, SR; Randerson, JT; Harvey, CF; Kai, FM; Yu, LE 
2017Spin Transport and Magnetism in Low-Dimensional MaterialsXu, X; Chen, J ; Gehring, G.A; Miao, X; Zeng, H
2018Structural basis for reactivating the mutant TERT promoter by cooperative binding of p52 and ETS1Xu, X; Li, Y; Bharath, S.R; Ozturk, M.B; Bowler, M.W; Loo, B.Z.L; Tergaonkar, V ; Song, H 
1-Jan-2020Suppressing Ion Migration across Perovskite Grain Boundaries by Polymer AdditivesMa, Y; Cheng, Y ; Xu, X; Li, M; Zhang, C; Cheung, SH; Zeng, Z; Shen, D; Xie, YM; Chiu, KL; Lin, F ; So, SK; Lee, CS; Tsang, SW
2016Targeted Inhibition of the MIR-199a/214 Cluster by CRISPR Interference Augments the Tumor Tropism of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Stem Cells under Hypoxic ConditionLuo, Y; Xu, X; An, X; Sun, X; Wang, S ; Zhu, D
2016Three-dimensional controlled growth of monodisperse sub-50 nm heterogeneous nanocrystalsLiu, D; Xu, X; Du, Y; Qin, X ; Zhang, Y; Ma, C; Wen, S; Ren, W; Goldys, E.M; Piper, J.A; Dou, S; Liu, X ; Jin, D