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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A hybrid SOM-SVM approach for the zebrafish gene expression analysisWu, W.; Liu, X.; Xu, M.; Peng, J.-R.; Setiono, R. 
2003A mid-level representation framework for semantic sports video analysisDuan, L.-Y.; Xu, M.; Chua, T.-S. ; Tian, Q.; Xu, C.-S.
2007A robust method for generating discriminative gene clustersXu, M.; Zhang, L. ; Zhou, P.L.J.
16-Sep-2008A stable iterative method for refining discriminative gene clustersXu, M.; Zhu, M.; Zhang, L. 
2007Acomparative study of al, Ge and Sb selfassembled nanostructures on graphiteWang, X.-S.; Xiao, W.; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Yan, Z.; Xu, M.
Dec-2012Autophagy is a cell self-protective mechanism against arsenic-induced cell transformationZhang, T.; Qi, Y.; Liao, M.; Xu, M.; Bower, K.A.; Frank, J.A.; Shen, H.-M. ; Luo, J.; Shi, X.; Chen, G.
2010Cast2Face: Character identification in movie with actor-character correspondenceXu, M.; Yuan, X. ; Shen, J.; Yan, S. 
Jan-2008Central neurocytoma: typical magnetic resonance spectroscopy findings and atypical ventricular disseminationYeh, I.B.; Xu, M.; Ng, W.H.; Ye, J.; Yang, D. ; Lim, C.C.T. 
2013Chemical and morphological variations of Panax notoginseng and their relationshipWang, D.; Koh, H.-L. ; Hong, Y.; Zhu, H.-T.; Xu, M.; Zhang, Y.-J.; Yang, C.-R.
May-2005Comparison of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and perfusion-weighted imaging in presurgical grading of oligodendroglial tumorsXu, M.; See, S.J.; Ng, W.H.; Arul, E.; Back, M.F.; Yeo, T.T.; Lim, C.C.T. 
2005Distinct roles of oxidative stress and antioxidants in the nucleus dorsalis and red nucleus following spinal cord hemisectionXu, M.; Yip, G.W.-C. ; Gan, L.-T.; Ng, Y.-K. 
2000Distinct subcellular localization and mRNA expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the nucleus dorsalis and red nucleus and their correlation with inducible transcription factors after spinal cord hemisectionXu, M.; Ng, Y.-K. ; Leong, S.-K. 
Jan-2000Double-layer inorganic antireflective system for KrF lithographyXu, M.; Ko, T.-M. 
2010Dynamic captioning: Video accessibility enhancement for hearing impairmentHong, R. ; Wang, M. ; Xu, M.; Yan, S. ; Chua, T.-S. 
Apr-2001Electro-hydraulic proportional control of twin-cylinder hydraulic elevatorsLi, K.; Mannan, M.A. ; Xu, M.; Xiao, Z.
Dec-2007Ex-vivo NMR of unprocessed tissue in water: A simplified procedure for studying intracranial neoplasmsXu, M.; Ye, J.; Yang, D. ; Xu, X.; Yeo, T.T.; Ng, W.H.; Lim, C.C.
14-Apr-2003Extended Arrhenius law of time-to-breakdown of ultrathin gate oxidesXu, M.; Tan, C.; Li, M. 
2005Financial market model based on self-organized percolationYang, C.; Wang, J.; Zhou, T.; Liu, J. ; Xu, M.; Zhou, P.; Wang, B.
Jan-2005Genome-wide identification of female-enriched genes in zebrafishWen, C.; Zhang, Z.; Ma, W.; Xu, M.; Wen, Z. ; Peng, J. 
Oct-2006Growth and visible photoluminescence of SiCxNy/AlN nanoparticle superlatticesXu, M.; Xu, S.; Huang, S.Y.; Chai, J.W.; Ng, V.M.; Long, J.D.; Yang, P.