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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Oct-20051,5,7-Triazabicyclo[4.4.0]dec-5-ene (TBD) catalyzed Michael reactionsYe, W.; Xu, J.; Tan, C.-T.; Tan, C.-H. 
2013140-GHz SIW LTCC antenna array using a large via-fenced and slotted dielectric loadingXu, J.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.; Hong, W.
2013140-GHz TE20-mode dielectric-loaded SIW Slot antenna array in LTCCXu, J.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.; Hong, W.
2013270-GHz LTCC-integrated high gain cavity-backed fresnel zone plate lens antennaXu, J.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.
2013270-GHz LTCC-integrated strip-loaded linearly polarized radial line slot array antennaXu, J.; Chen, Z.N.; Qing, X. 
2013A 13μW 87dB dynamic range implantable ΔΣ modulator for full-spectrum neural recordingXu, J.; Islam, M.K.; Wang, S.; Yang, Z. 
7-Nov-2013A 50 μw/Ch artifacts-insensitive neural recorder using frequency-shaping techniqueXu, J.; Yang, Z. 
2010A chameleon encryption scheme resistant to known-plaintext attackChang, E.-C. ; Fang, C.; Xu, J.
2002A comparison of safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of Oka/Merck varicella vaccine and VARILRIX™ in healthy childrenLau, Y.-L.; Lee, T.-L.; Vessey, S.J.R.; Chan, I.S.F.; Chan, C.Y.; Kaplan, K.M.; Distefano, D.J.; Harmon, A.L.; Golie, A.; Hartzel, J.; Xu, J.; Li, S.; Matthews, H.; Sadoff, J.C.; Shaw, A.; Huang, L.-M.; Lee, C.-Y.; Lin, T.-Y.; Lee, B.W. ; Kwan, K.; Kasim, S.M.
30-Jun-2003A divergent approach to apoptolidin and FD-891: Asymmetric preparation of a common intermediateChng, S.-S.; Xu, J.; Loh, T.-P. 
Apr-2000A highly chemoselective and diastereoselective trifluoromethane sulfonic acid catalyzed addition of allyltributylstannanes to a steroidal aldehyde in aqueous mediaLoh, T.-P. ; Xu, J.; Hu, Q.-Y.; Vittal, J.J. 
1-Feb-2014A longitudinal study of weight gain in pregnancy in Malawi: Unconditional and conditional standards1-3Xu, J.; Luntamo, M.; Kulmala, T.; Ashorn, P.; Cheung, Y.B. 
2009A model of atom dense packing for metallic glasses with high-solute concentrationLu, B.-C.; Yao, J.-H.; Xu, J.; Li, Y. 
30-Jul-2001A new approach to the synthesis of substituted bithiophene and polymers containing thiopheneXu, J.; Ng, S.C. ; Chan, H.S.O. 
Apr-2006A new centimeter-diameter Cu-based bulk metallic glassDai, C.-L.; Guo, H.; Shen, Y.; Li, Y. ; Ma, E.; Xu, J.
2003A new clustering algorithm for transaction data via caucusXu, J.; Xiong, H.; Sung, S.Y. ; Kumar, V.
1-Aug-2008A new composition zone of bulk metallic glass formation in the Cu-Zr-Ti ternary system and its correlation with the eutectic reactionDai, C.-L.; Guo, H.; Li, Y. ; Xu, J.
Jun-2006A new Cu-Hf-Al ternary bulk metallic glass with high glass forming ability and ductilityJia, P.; Guo, H.; Li, Y. ; Xu, J.; Ma, E.
Nov-2009A three-parameter Weibull statistical analysis of the strength variation of bulk metallic glassesHan, Z.; Tang, L.C. ; Xu, J.; Li, Y. 
31-Oct-2002A Unique Spherical Molecular Host with D2d Symmetry. A Novel Intramolecular Kinetic Equilibrium in Metal Ion Complexation between Two Crown EthersXu, J.; Lai, Y.-H. ; He, C.