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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A composite electrode consisting of nickel hydroxide, carbon nanotubes, and reduced graphene oxide with an ultrahigh electrocapacitanceZhang, L.L. ; Xiong, Z.; Zhao, X.S.
Dec-2005A new polysilicon CMOS self-aligned double-gate TFT technologyXiong, Z.; Liu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Sin, J.K.O.
Apr-2004A novel self-aligned offset-gated polysilicon TFT using high-κ dielectric spacersXiong, Z.; Liu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Sin, J.K.O.
2005A simple CMOS self-aligned double-gate poly-Si TFT technologyXiong, Z.; Liu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Sin, J.K.O.
Aug-2004Characteristics of high-κ spacer offset-gated polysilicon TFTsXiong, Z.; Liu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Sin, J.K.O.
26-Apr-2012Dehydrogenation mechanism of monoammoniated lithium amidoborane [Li(NH 3)NH 2BH 3]Bhattacharya, S.; Xiong, Z.; Wu, G.; Chen, P.; Feng, Y.P. ; Majumder, C.; Das, G.P.
2009Effects of triphenyl phosphate on the hydrogen storage performance of the Mg(NH2)2-2LiH systemWang, J.; Hu, J. ; Liu, Y.; Xiong, Z.; Wu, G.; Pan, H.; Chen, P. 
Oct-2011Enhanced inactivation of bacteria with silver-modified mesoporous TiO 2 under weak ultraviolet irradiationMa, J. ; Xiong, Z.; David Waite, T.; Ng, W.J.; Zhao, X.S. 
19-Apr-2011Fabrication of TiO2 binary inverse opals without overlayers via the sandwich-vacuum infiltration of precursorCai, Z.; Teng, J.; Xiong, Z.; Li, Y.; Li, Q.; Lu, X. ; Zhao, X.S. 
25-Sep-2012From exothermic to endothermic dehydrogenation - Interaction of monoammoniate of magnesium amidoborane and metal hydridesChua, Y.S.; Li, W. ; Wu, G.; Xiong, Z.; Chen, P.
2012Graphene-CdS composites with visible-light photocatalytic activity in degrading methylene blueXiong, Z.; Zhang, L.L.; Zhang, J.; Zhao, X.S. 
21-Mar-2011Graphene-metal-oxide composites for the degradation of dyes under visible light irradiationZhang, J.; Xiong, Z.; Zhao, X.S. 
15-Nov-2010Growth of crystalline polyaminoborane through catalytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane on FeB nanoalloyHe, T.; Wang, J.; Wu, G.; Kim, H.; Proffen, T.; Wu, A.; Li, W. ; Liu, T.; Xiong, Z.; Wu, C.; Chu, H.; Guo, J.; Autrey, T.; Zhang, T.; Chen, P.
5-May-2011Improving effects of LiH and co-catalyst on the dehydrogenation of Li 4BN3H10Zheng, X.; Xiong, Z.; Lim, Y.; Wu, G.; Chen, P. ; Chen, H.
14-Jan-2014Insitu gold-loaded titania photonic crystals with enhanced photocatalytic activityCai, Z.; Xiong, Z.; Lu, X. ; Teng, J.
2010Interaction of ammonia borane with Li2NH and Li3NXiong, Z.; Chua, Y.; Wu, G.; Wang, L. ; Wong, M.W. ; Kam, Z.M.; Autrey, T.; Kemmitt, T.; Chen, P.
Sep-2010Investigations on the solid state interaction between LiAlH4 and NaNH2Chua, Y.S.; Wu, G.; Xiong, Z.; Chen, P. 
7-Feb-2012Li + ionic conductivities and diffusion mechanisms in Li-based imides and lithium amideLi, W. ; Wu, G.; Xiong, Z.; Feng, Y.P. ; Chen, P.
Oct-2010Li+ ion conductivity and diffusion mechanism in α-Li 3N and β-Li3NLi, W. ; Wu, G.; Araújo, C.M.; Scheicher, R.H.; Blomqvist, A.; Ahuja, R.; Xiong, Z.; Feng, Y. ; Chen, P.
28-Apr-2012Li-Na ternary amidoborane for hydrogen storage: Experimental and first-principles studyLi, W. ; Miao, L.; Scheicher, R.H.; Xiong, Z.; Wu, G.; Araújo, C.M.; Blomqvist, A.; Ahuja, R.; Feng, Y. ; Chen, P.