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2010Anatomic and dosimetric changes during the treatment course of intensity-modulated radiotherapy for locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinomaWang, X.; Lu, J. ; Xiong, X.; Zhu, G.; Ying, H.; He, S.; Hu, W.; Hu, C.
25-Oct-2003Assay of leucine aminopeptidase activity in vitro using large-pore reversed-phase chromatography with fluorescence detectionXiong, X.; Barathi, A.; Beuerman, R.W. ; Tan, D.T.H. 
Jan-2004Catalytic growth of carbon nanoballs with Co encapsulation from CH 4 decomposition: MoO x-promoted shrinking of the carbon nanoball sizeZhong, Z.; Chen, F.; Xiong, X.; Soon, H.; Lin, J. ; Tan, K.L.
12-Mar-1999Design of background electrolytes for indirect photometric detections based on a model of sample zone absorption in capillary electrophoresisXiong, X.; F.y. Li, S. 
Sep-1998Dual UV-absorbing background electrolytes for simultaneous separation and detection of small cations and anions by capillary zone electrophoresisXiong, X.; Li, S.F.Y. 
Feb-2003Probabilistic error bounded for simulation quantile estimatorsJin, X. ; Fu, M.C.; Xiong, X.
5-May-2001Quantitation of mitomycin C in human ocular tissues by high-performance liquid chromatography-photo-diode array detectionXiong, X.; Lim, B.A.; Lat-Luna, M.; Chew, P. ; Tan, D. 
25-Sep-1998Selection and optimization of background electrolytes for simultaneous detection of small cations and organic acids by capillary electrophoresis with indirect photometryXiong, X.; Li, S.F.Y. 
1999Single UV-absorbing background electrolyte for simultaneous detection of cations and anions in capillary electrophoresisRaguénès, C.; Xiong, X.; Lee, H.K. ; Li, S.F.Y.