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7-Jul-1996Crystal structure and non-linear optical properties of a novel half-open cubane-like cluster [Et4N]3[WOS3(CuI)3(μ 2-I)] · H2OHou, H.; Liang, B.; Xin, X.; Yu, K.; Ge, P.; Ji, W. ; Shi, S. 
21-Feb-1998Large optical limiting properties of the pentanuclear 'open' structural cluster compound [WS4Cu4(SCN)2(py)6]Low, M.K.M.; Hou, H. ; Zheng, H.; Wong, W.; Jin, G.; Xin, X.; Ji, W. 
Jan-2000Nonlinear optical response of inorganic metal cluster MoCu3Se4(PPh3)3Cl solutionXiong, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Sun, X.; Tan, W.; Xin, X.; Ji, W. 
Aug-2000Optical nonlinearities of inorganic metal cluster μ3-MoSe4Ag3(PPh3)3ClXiong, Y.; Ji, W. ; Zhang, Q.; Xin, X.
1996Solid State Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Decomposition Reactions, and Optical Nonlinearity of a Twin-Nest-Shaped Cluster Compound, [Et4N]4[Mo2O2S6Cu 6I6]Hou, H.; Long, D.; Xin, X.; Huang, X.; Kang, B.; Ge, F.; Ji, W. ; Shi, S. 
1995Solid-state synthesis, crystal structure, and effective third-order nonlinear optical properties of (NEt4)3[MoOS3Cu3Br 3(μ2-Br)]·H2OShi, S. ; Chen, Z.; Hou, H.; Xin, X.; Yu, K.
1995Solid-state synthesis, crystal structure, and nonlinear refractive and absorptive properties of the new cluster (n-Bu4N)2[MoOS3Cu3BrCl2]Hou, H.; Ye, X.; Xin, X.; Liu, J.; Chen, M.; Shi, S. 
7-Apr-1999Strong optical limiting (OL) capability of the two-dimensional network cluster polymer [MoS4Cu6I4(py)4]nHou, H.; Fan, Y.; Du, C.; Zhu, Y.; Wang, W.; Xin, X.; Low, M.K.M.; Ji, W. ; Ang, H.G. 
2000Syntheses, crystal structures and non-linear optical properties of two novel windmill-shaped clusters: [M2Pd4S8(dppm)2]·4DMF (M = W or Mo)Zheng, H.; Leung, W.-H.; Tan, W.; Long, D.; Ji, W. ; Chen, J.; Xin, F.; Xin, X.
1-Jul-2000Synthesis, crystal structure and third-order optical nonlinearity of a 'flywheel'-shaped cluster, [MoS4Cu3(dppm)3][BF4]·2H2OTan, W.; Zheng, H.; Jin, Q.; Jin, G.; Ji, W. ; Long, D.; Xin, X.