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Aug-2006Bit-array alignment effect of perpendicular SOMA mediaXiao, P.; Yuan, Z.; Kuan Lee, H. ; Guo, G. 
1-May-2010Carbon-coated fluorinated graphite for high energy and high power densities primary lithium batteriesZhang, Q.; D'Astorg, S.; Xiao, P.; Zhang, X.; Lu, L. 
Apr-2008Context-dependent DNA coding with redundancy and intronsXiao, P.; Vadakkepat, P. ; Lee, T.H. 
31-Oct-2013High rate capability caused by surface cubic spinels in Li-rich layer-structured cathodes for Li-ion batteriesSong, B.; Liu, H.; Liu, Z.; Xiao, P.; Lai, M.O.; Lu, L. 
27-Nov-2013High-performance lithium-ion cathode LiMn0.7Fe 0.3PO4/C and the mechanism of performance enhancements through fe substitutionDing, B.; Xiao, P.; Ji, G.; Ma, Y.; Lu, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2013HLA-B*13:01 and the dapsone hypersensitivity syndromeZhang, F.-R.; Liu, H.; Irwanto, A.; Fu, X.-A.; Li, Y.; Yu, G.-Q.; Yu, Y.-X.; Chen, M.-F.; Low, H.-Q.; Li, J.-H.; Bao, F.-F.; Foo, J.-N.; Bei, J.-X.; Jia, X.-M.; Liu, J.; Liany, H.; Wang, N.; Niu, G.-Y.; Wang, Z.-Z.; Shi, B.-Q.; Tian, H.-Q.; Liu, H.-X.; Ma, S.-S.; Zhou, Y.; You, J.-B.; Yang, Q.; Wang, C.; Chu, T.-S.; Liu, D.-C.; Yu, X.-L.; Sun, Y.-H.; Ning, Y.; Wei, Z.-H.; Chen, S.-L.; Chen, X.-C.; Zhang, Z.-X.; Liu, Y.-X.; Pulit, S.L.; Wu, W.-B.; Zheng, Z.-Y.; Yang, R.-D.; Long, H.; Liu, Z.-S.; Wang, J.-Q.; Li, M.; Zhang, L.-H.; Wang, H.; Wang, L.-M.; Xiao, P.; Li, J.-L.; Huang, Z.-M.; Huang, J.-X.; Li, Z.; Liu, J.; Xiong, L.; Yang, J.; Wang, X.-D.; Yu, D.-B.; Lu, X.-M.; Zhou, G.-Z.; Yan, L.-B.; Shen, J.-P.; Zhang, G.-C.; Zeng, Y.-X.; De Bakker, P.I.W.; Chen, S.-M.; Liu, J.-J. 
21-Apr-2013Hollow microspherical LiFePO4/C synthesized from a novel multidentate phosphonate complexing agentXiao, P.; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L. 
2011ID repetition in structured P2P networksYu, J.; Li, Z.; Xiao, P.; Fang, C.; Xu, J.; Chang, E.-C. 
2014Increasing the high rate performance of mixed metal phospho-olivine cathodes through collective and cooperative strategiesDing, B.; Ji, G.; Ma, Y.; Xiao, P.; Lu, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2009Investigation of EscA as a chaperone for the Edwardsiella tarda type III secretion system putative translocon component EseCWang, B.; Mo, Z.L.; Mao, Y.X.; Zou, Y.X.; Xiao, P.; Li, J.; Yang, J.Y.; Ye, X.H.; Leung, K.Y. ; Zhang, P.J.
2013Li-rich thin film cathode prepared by pulsed laser depositionYan, B.; Liu, J.; Song, B.; Xiao, P.; Lu, L. 
13-Mar-2013Morphology effects on electrical and thermal properties of binderless graphene aerogelsFan, Z.; Tng, D.Z.Y.; Nguyen, S.T.; Feng, J. ; Lin, C.; Xiao, P.; Lu, L. ; Duong, H.M.
May-2008Ni doped ZnO thin films for diluted magnetic semiconductor materialsLiu, E.; Xiao, P.; Chen, J.S. ; Lim, B.C.; Li, L.
Aug-2006Ring head and single pole head recording performance on 3D random SOMA mediaXiao, P.; Yuan, Z.; Lee, H.K. ; Guo, G.