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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2013A computationally efficient state-space partitioning approach to pricing high-dimensional American options via dimension reductionJin, X.; Li, X.; Tan, H.H. ; Wu, Z.
Dec-2009A genetic pathway composed of Sox14 and Mical governs severing of dendrites during pruningKirilly, D.; Gu, Y.; Huang, Y.; Wu, Z.; Bashirullah, A.; Low, B.C. ; Kolodkin, A.L.; Wang, H. ; Yu, F. 
Nov-2011A high throughput screening assay for determination of chronological lifespan of yeastWu, Z.; Song, L.; Liu, S.Q. ; Huang, D. 
Aug-2011A new SPRT chart for monitoring process mean and varianceOu, Y.; Wu, Z.; Goh, T.N. 
2009A novel cross layer design approach for video transmission over wireless ad hoc networksWu, Z.; Wong, W.-C. ; Wu, J.
2010A prototype device and control system of implantable blood glucose regulation systemWu, Z.; Loo, S.M.; Chui, C.K. ; Hong, G.S. ; Chang, S.
Mar-2006A semi-analytic method for valuing high-dimensional options on the maximum and minimum of multiple assetsLi, X. ; Wu, Z.
2009Adaptive link quality estimation for wireless ad hoc networksWu, Z.; Wong, W.-C. ; Wu, J.
Feb-2005Analysis of multilayered millimeter wave structure with via-holes connectedZhang, M.; Bai, L.; Yuan, T.; Li, L. ; Wu, Z.
2015Autocrine/paracrine human growth hormone-stimulated microRNA 96-182-183 cluster promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition and invasion in breast cancerZhang, W.; Qian, P.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, M.; Wang, H.; Wu, M.; Kong, X.; Tan, S.; Ding, K.; Perry, J.K.; Wu, Z.; Cao, Y.; Lobie, P.E. ; Zhu, T.
2013Calibrating photometric stereo by holistic reflectance symmetry analysisWu, Z.; Tan, P. 
2009Combinatorial pharmacologic approaches target EZH2-mediated gene repression in breast cancer cellsSun, F. ; Wu, Z.; Yang, X.; Yu, Q. ; Chan, E.; Marquez, V.E.
2-Sep-2011Context-Specific Regulation of NF-κB Target Gene Expression by EZH2 in Breast CancersLee, S.T.; Li, Z.; Wu, Z.; Aau, M.; Guan, P.; Karuturi, R.K.M.; Liou, Y.C. ; Yu, Q. 
17-May-2013Dietary Restriction Depends on Nutrient Composition to Extend Chronological Lifespan in Budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeWu, Z.; Liu, S.Q. ; Huang, D. 
2007Dislocation junctions as barriers to threading dislocation migrationQuek, S.S.; Wu, Z.; Zhang, Y.-W. ; Xiang, Y.; Srolovitz, D.J.
15-Sep-2011E2F1 suppresses Wnt/Β-catenin activity through transactivation of Β-catenin interacting protein ICATWu, Z.; Zheng, S.; Li, Z.; Tan, J.; Yu, Q. 
Apr-2008Efficient approach and application of the Green's functions in spatial domain in multilayered mediaZhang, M.; Li, L. ; Li, L.; Wu, Z.
2013Embedded real-time model predictive control for glucose regulationChui, C.-K. ; Nguyen, B.P. ; Ho, Y.; Wu, Z.; Nguyen, M.; Hong, G.-S. ; Mok, D.; Sun, S.; Chang, S.
2009epSICAR: An emerging patterns based approach to sequential, interleaved and concurrent activity recognitionGu, T.; Wu, Z.; Tao, X.; Pung, H.K. ; Lu, J.
8-Jun-2011Food grade fungal stress on germinating peanut seeds induced phytoalexins and enhanced polyphenolic antioxidantsWu, Z.; Song, L.; Huang, D.