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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-20052A 2 + BB′B″ approach to hyperbranched poly(amino ester)sWu, D.; Liu, Y.; Chen, L.; He, C.; Chung, T.S. ; Goh, S.H. 
2007A fast and quality-preserving method for H.264 encoding using dynamic SAD mapsWu, D.; Chiew, T.K.; Lim, K.P.; Tham, J.Y.; Zhou, Z.; Ko, C.C. 
2005A real-time H.264 video streaming systemWu, D.; Lim, K.P.; Wu, S.; Zhou, Z.Z.; Lin, X.; Rahardja, S.; Ko, C.C. 
2004A simplified architecture for type-2 FLSs and its application to nonlinear controlWu, D.; Tan, W.W. 
Oct-2006A simplified type-2 fuzzy logic controller for real-time controlWu, D.; Tan, W.W. 
2004A type-2 fuzzy logic controller for the liquid-level processWu, D.; Tan, W.W. 
8-Jun-2009An aqueous route to multicolor photoluminescent carbon dots using silica spheres as carriersLiu, R.; Wu, D.; Liu, S. ; Koynov, K.; Knoll, W.; Li, Q.
2007An improved adaptive interpolation approach for H.264Wu, D.; Lim, K.P.; Chiew, T.K.; Zhou, Z.; Ko, C.C. 
2001Analysis and comparison of resonance compensation in dual-stage actuation system of HDDsWu, D.; Guo, G. ; Chong, T.C. 
Jul-2005Automatic learning control for unbalance compensation in active magnetic bearingsBi, C. ; Wu, D.; Jiang, Q.; Liu, Z.
29-Nov-2005Blue photoluminescence from hyperbranched poly(amino ester)sWu, D.; Liu, Y.; He, C.; Goh, S.H. 
2005Computationally efficient type-reduction strategies for a type-2 fuzzy logic controllerWu, D.; Tan, W.W. 
2009Conditional random fields with high-order features for sequence labelingYe, N. ; Lee, W.S. ; Chieu, H.L.; Wu, D.
15-Nov-2013Construction of hetero[n]rotaxanes by use of polyfunctional rotaxane frameworksLi, Z.; Liu, G.; Xue, W.; Wu, D.; Yang, Y.-W.; Wu, J. ; Liu, S.H.; Yoon, J.; Yin, J.
2007Design of type-reduction strategies for type-2 fuzzy logic systems using genetic algorithmsTan, W.-W. ; Wu, D.
2009Domain adaptive bootstrapping for named entity recognitionWu, D.; Lee, W.S. ; Ye, N. ; Chieu, H.L.
7-Sep-2004Effects of chemistries of trifunctional amines on mechanisms of Michael addition polymerizations with diacrylatesWu, D.; Liu, Y. ; He, C.; Chung, T. ; Goh, S. 
Jan-2014Enhanced tumor accumulation of Sub-2 nm gold nanoclusters for cancer radiation therapyZhang, X.-D.; Chen, J.; Luo, Z.; Wu, D.; Shen, X.; Song, S.-S.; Sun, Y.-M.; Liu, P.-X.; Zhao, J.; Huo, S.; Fan, S.; Fan, F.; Liang, X.-J.; Xie, J. 
Nov-2005Evaluation of hyperbranched poly(amino ester)s of amine constitutions similar to polyethlenimine for DNA deliveryWu, D.; Liu, Y.; Jiang, X.; Chen, L.; He, C.; Goh, S.H. ; Leong, K.W.
2004Fast INTER mode decision with adaptive thresholds for H.264 encodingWu, D.; Wu, S.; Lim, K.P.; Pan, F.; Li, Z.G.; Ko, C.C.