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Apr-2005Ammonia tolerance in the slender lungfish (Protopterus dolloi): The importance of environmental acidificationWood, C.M.; Walsh, P.J.; Chew, S.F.; Ip, Y.K. 
Aug-2008Enzymatic and mitochondrial responses to 5 months of aerial exposure in the slender lungfish Protopterus dolloiStaples, J.F.; Kajimura, M.; Wood, C.M.; Patel, M.; Ip, Y.K. ; McClelland, G.B.
Nov-2005Greatly elevated urea excretion after air exposure appears to be carrier mediated in the slender lungfish (Protopterus dolloi)Wood, C.M.; Walsh, P.J.; Chew, S.F.; Ip, Y.K. 
15-Apr-2009Increased gene expression of a facilitated diffusion urea transporter in the skin of the African lungfish (Protopterus annectens) during massively elevated post-terrestrialization urea excretionHung, C.Y.C.; Galvez, F.; Ip, Y.K. ; Wood, C.M.
Sep-2009Ionoregulatory physiology of two species of African lungfishes Protopterus dolloi and Protopterus annectensPatel, M.; Iftikar, F.I.; Leonard, E.M.; Ip, Y.K. ; Wood, C.M.
Nov-2004Nitrogen metabolism and excretion in Allenbatrachus grunniens (L): Effects of variable salinity, confinement, high pH and ammonia loadingWalsh, P.J.; Wei, Z.; Wood, C.M.; Loong, A.M.; Hiong, K.C.; Lee, S.M.L.; Wong, W.P.; Chew, S.F.; Ip, Y.K. 
Jan-2007The African lungfish (Protopterus dolloi): Ionoregulation and osmoregulation in a fish out of waterWilkie, M.P.; Morgan, T.P.; Galvez, F.; Smith, R.W.; Kajimura, M.; Ip, Y.K. ; Wood, C.M.
Aug-2008The influence of feeding on aerial and aquatic oxygen consumption, nitrogenous waste excretion, and metabolic fuel usage in the African lungfish, Protopterus annectensIftikar, F.I.; Patel, M.; Ip, Y.K. ; Wood, C.M.
Feb-2009Water balance and renal function in two species of African lungfish Protopterus dolloi and Protopterus annectensPatel, M.; Iftikar, F.I.; Smith, R.W.; Ip, Y.K. ; Wood, C.M.