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2007Age-related changes in mitochondrial function and antioxidative enzyme activity in fischer 344 ratsMeng, Q.; Wong, Y.T.; Chen, J.; Ruan, R. 
Sep-2011Chronic resveratrol intake reverses pro-inflammatory cytokine profile and oxidative DNA damage in ageing hybrid miceWong, Y.T.; Gruber, J.; Jenner, A.M.; Tay, F.E.H. ; Ruan, R.
13-Nov-2012Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Wound Healing in Mice in Relation to Oxidative DamageLoo, A.E.K.; Wong, Y.T.; Ho, R.; Wasser, M. ; Du, T.; Ng, W.T.; Halliwell, B.
2011High haplotype variability in established Asian populations of the invasive Caribbean bivalve Mytilopsis sallei (Dreissenidae)Wong, Y.T.; Meier, R. ; Tan, K.S. 
2011Mitochondrial changes in ageing caenorhabditis elegans - what do we learn from superoxide dismutase knockouts?Gruber, J.; Ng, L.F.; Fong, S.; Wong, Y.T.; Koh, S.A.; Chen, C.-B.; Shui, G. ; Cheong, W.F.; Schaffer, S.; Wenk, M.R.; Halliwell, B.
2006Relationship between levels of oxidative DNA damage, lipid peroxidation and mitochondrial membrane potential in young and old F344 ratsWong, Y.T.; Ruan, R. ; Tay, F.E.H. 
Jul-2008Silicon microneedle array with biodegradable tips for transdermal drug deliveryChen, B.; Wei, J.; Tay, F.E.H. ; Wong, Y.T.; Iliescu, C.
6-Mar-2001Surface graft copolymerization of viologens on polymeric substratesNg, S.W.; Neoh, K.G. ; Wong, Y.T.; Sampanthar, J.T. ; Kang, E.T. ; Tan, K.L.