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5-Aug-2013A Biodegradable, Sustained-Released, Prednisolone Acetate Microfilm Drug Delivery System Effectively Prolongs Corneal Allograft Survival in the Rat Keratoplasty ModelLiu, Y.-C.; Peng, Y.; Lwin, N.C.; Venkatraman, S.S.; Wong, T.T.; Mehta, J.S. 
2011Aberrant DNA methylation of matrix remodeling and cell adhesion related genes in pterygiumRiau, A.K.; Wong, T.T.; Finger, S.N.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Hou, A.H.; Chen, S.; Yu, S.J.; Tong, L. 
2008Confirmation of the presence of uveal effusion in asian eyes with primary angle closure glaucoma: An ultrasound biomicroscopy studyKumar, R.S.; Quek, D.; Lee, K.Y.; Oen, F.T.; MohanRam, L.S.; Baskaran, M.; Wong, T.T.; Aung, T. ; Koh, V.T.; Sakai, H.
17-Sep-2013De novo ocular hypertension after Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty: Comparative 3-year incidence, risk factors, and outcomesChan, E.W.; Wong, T.T.; Htoon, H.M.; Ho, C.L.; Tan, D.T.; Mehta, J.S. 
2013Effect of chronic anti-glaucoma medications and trabeculectomy on tear osmolarityLee, S.-Y.; Wong, T.T.; Chua, J.; Boo, C.; Soh, Y.F.; Tong, L. 
2015Efficacy of selective laser trabeculoplasty in primary angle-closure glaucoma: A randomized clinical trialNarayanaswamy, A.; Leung,C.K.; Istiantoro, D.V.; Perera, S.A.; Ho, C.; Nongpiur, M.E.; Baskaran, M.; Htoon, H.M.; Wong, T.T.; Goh, D.; Su, D.H.; Belkin, M.; Aung, T. 
Oct-2012Genome-wide association analyses identify three new susceptibility loci for primary angle closure glaucomaVithana, E.N.; Khor, C.-C. ; Qiao, C.; Nongpiur, M.E.; George, R.; Chen, L.-J.; Do, T.; Abu-Amero, K.; Huang, C.K.; Low, S.; Tajudin, L.-S.A.; Perera, S.A.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Xu, L.; Jia, H.; Ho, C.-L.; Sim, K.S.; Wu, R.-Y.; Tham, C.C.Y.; Chew, P.T.K.; Su, D.H.; Oen, F.T.; Sarangapani, S.; Soumittra, N.; Osman, E.A.; Wong, H.-T.; Tang, G.; Fan, S.; Meng, H.; Huong, D.T.L.; Wang, H.; Feng, B.; Baskaran, M.; Shantha, B.; Ramprasad, V.L.; Kumaramanickavel, G.; Iyengar, S.K.; How, A.C.; Lee, K.Y.; Sivakumaran, T.A.; Yong, V.H.K.; Ting, S.M.L.; Li, Y.; Wang, Y.-X.; Tay, W.-T.; Sim, X. ; Lavanya, R.; Cornes, B.K.; Zheng, Y.-F.; Wong, T.T.; Loon, S.-C.; Yong, V.K.Y.; Waseem, N.; Yaakub, A.; Chia, K.-S. ; Rand Allingham, R.; Hauser, M.A.; Lam, D.S.C.; Hibberd, M.L. ; Bhattacharya, S.S.; Zhang, M.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Tan, D.T.; Jonas, J.B.; Tai, E.-S.; Saw, S.-M. ; Hon, D.N.; Al-Obeidan, S.A.; Liu, J. ; Chau, T.N.B.; Simmons, C.P.; Bei, J.-X.; Zeng, Y.-X.; Foster, P.J.; Vijaya, L.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Pang, C.-P.; Wang, N.; Aung, T.
Apr-2013Impact of bilateral open and closed-angle glaucoma on glaucoma-specific functioning in asiansWang, B.; Aung, T.; Marella, M.; Zheng, Y.; Wong, T.Y. ; Perera, S.; Wong, T.T.; Ho, C.-L.; Lamoureux, E.L.
2008Increased SPARC expression in primary angle closure glaucoma irisChua, J.; Aung, T. ; Wong, T.T.; Seet, L.F.; Jiang, Y.Z.; Su, R.; Htoon, H.M.; Charlton, A.
Jan-2013Intraocular lens as a drug delivery reservoirLiu, Y.-C.; Wong, T.T.; Mehta, J.S. 
Feb-2012Involvement of SPARC and MMP-3 in the pathogenesis of human pterygiumSeet, L.-F.; Tong, L. ; Su, R.; Wong, T.T.
2013Optimization of subconjunctival biodegradable microfilms for sustained drug delivery to the anterior segment in a small animal modelLiu, Y.-C.; Peng, Y.; Lwin, N.C.; Wong, T.T.; Venkatraman, S.S.; Mehta, J.S. 
Jun-2012Outcomes of trabeculectomy after descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty: A comparison with penetrating keratoplastyBoey, P.Y.; Mehta, J.S. ; Ho, C.L.; Tan, D.T.H.; Wong, T.T.
Mar-2013Patient acceptance and attitude toward an alternative method of subconjunctival injection for the medical treatment of glaucomaChong, R.S.; Su, D.H.W.; Tsai, A.; Jiang, Y.; Htoon, H.M.; Lamoureux, E.L. ; Aung, T. ; Wong, T.T.
Sep-2011Proteomic profiling of inflammatory signaling molecules in the tears of patients on chronic glaucoma medicationWong, T.T.; Zhou, L.; Li, J.; Tong, L. ; Zhao, S.Z.; Li, X.R.; Yu, S.J.; Koh, S.K.; Beuerman, R.W.
2010SPARC deficiency results in improved surgical survival in a novel mouse model of glaucoma filtration surgerySeet, L.-F.; Su, R.; Barathi, V.A.; Lee, W.S.; Poh, R.; Wong, T.T.; Aung, T. ; Heng, Y.M.; Manser, E.; Vithana, E.N. ; Weaver, M.; Sage, E.H.
2010Tear Cytokine Profile in Medicated Glaucoma Patients. Effect of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1 on Early Posttrabeculectomy OutcomeChong, R.S.; Jiang, Y.Z.; Boey, P.Y.; Htoon, H.M.; Aung, T. ; Wong, T.T.; Juan, Yu S.; Khaw, P.T.
Dec-2010Tear cytokine profile in medicated glaucoma patients: Effect of monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 on early posttrabeculectomy outcomeChong, R.S.; Jiang, Y.Z.; Boey, P.Y.; Yu, S.J.; Htoon, H.M.; Aung, T. ; Khaw, P.T.; Wong, T.T.
2009The relationship of intraocular pressure with age, systolic blood pressure, and central corneal thickness in an Asian populationWong, T.T.; Wong, T.Y. ; Foster, P.J.; Crowston, J.G.; Fong, C.-W.; Aung, T.
2009The Singapore 5-Fluorouracil Trabeculectomy Study. Effects on Intraocular Pressure Control and Disease Progression at 3 YearsWong, T.T.; Aung, T. ; Htoon, H.M.; Oen, F.T.S.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Seah, S.K.L.; Khaw, P.T.; Foster, P.J.; Gazzard, G.; Minassian, D.; Husain, R.; Devereux, J.G.; Tan, S.-B.