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Jan-2011A quantified ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) extract influences lipid acquisition and increases adiponectin expression in 3T3-L1 cellsYeo, C.-R.; Yang, C.; Wong, T.-Y.; Popovich, D.G. 
5-May-2014A simplified method to measure choroidal thickness using adaptive compensation in enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomographyGupta, P.; Sidhartha, E.; Girard, M.J.A.; Mari, J.M.; Wong, T.-Y.; Cheng, C.-Y. 
2001Academic achievement, close up work parameters, and myopia in Singapore military conscriptsSaw, S.-M. ; Wu, H.-M.; Seet, B.; Wong, T.-Y.; Yap, E. ; Chia, K.-S. ; Stone, R.A.; Lee, L. 
Oct-2011Change in peripheral refraction over time in Singapore Chinese childrenSng, C.C.A.; Lin, X.-Y. ; Gazzard, G.; Chang, B.; Dirani, M.; Lim, L.; Selvaraj, P.; Ian, K.; Drobe, B.; Wong, T.-Y.; Saw, S.-M. 
Jan-2009Corneal biomechanical properties and retinal vascular caliber in childrenLim, L.; Cheung, N.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Wong, T.-Y.; Saw, S.-M. 
Feb-2011Genome-wide association studies reveal genetic variants in CTNND2 for high myopia in Singapore ChineseLi, Y.-J.; Goh, L. ; Khor, C.-C.; Fan, Q.; Yu, M.; Han, S.; Sim, X. ; Ong, R.T.-H.; Wong, T.-Y.; Vithana, E.N.; Yap, E.; Nakanishi, H.; Matsuda, F.; Ohno-Matsui, K.; Yoshimura, N.; Seielstad, M.; Tai, E.-S.; Young, T.L. ; Saw, S.-M. 
24-Jan-2014Impact of measurement error on testing genetic association with quantitative traitsLiao, J.; Li, X.; Wong, T.-Y.; Wang, J.J.; Khor, C.C.; Tai, S.; Aung, T.; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Cheng, C.-Y. 
Mar-2012Meta-analysis identifies common variants associated with body mass index in east AsiansWen, W.; Cho, Y.-S.; Zheng, W.; Dorajoo, R.; Kato, N.; Qi, L.; Chen, C.-H.; Delahanty, R.J.; Okada, Y.; Tabara, Y.; Gu, D.; Zhu, D.; Haiman, C.A.; Mo, Z.; Gao, Y.-T.; Saw, S.-M. ; Go, M.-J.; Takeuchi, F.; Chang, L.-C.; Kokubo, Y.; Liang, J.; Hao, M.; Le Marchand, L.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, Y.; Wong, T.-Y.; Long, J.; Han, B.-G.; Kubo, M.; Yamamoto, K.; Su, M.-H.; Miki, T.; Henderson, B.E.; Song, H.; Tan, A.; He, J.; Ng, D.P.-K. ; Cai, Q.; Tsunoda, T.; Tsai, F.-J.; Iwai, N.; Chen, G.K.; Shi, J.; Xu, J.; Sim, X. ; Xiang, Y.-B.; Maeda, S.; Ong, R.T.H. ; Li, C.; Nakamura, Y.; Aung, T.; Kamatani, N.; Liu, J.-J.; Lu, W.; Yokota, M.; Seielstad, M.; Fann, C.S.J.; Wu, J.-Y.; Lee, J.-Y.; Hu, F.B.; Tanaka, T.; Tai, E.S.; Shu, X.-O.
Oct-2011Myopia-related optic disc and retinal changes in adolescent children from SingaporeSamarawickrama, C.; Mitchell, P.; Tong, L.; Gazzard, G.; Lim, L.; Wong, T.-Y.; Saw, S.-M. 
6-Feb-2013Obesity and the Microvasculature: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBoillot, A.; Zoungas, S.; Mitchell, P.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.; Ikram, M.K.; Klaver, C.; Wang, J.J.; Gopinath, B.; Tai, E.S.; Neubauer, A.S.; Hercberg, S.; Brazionis, L.; Saw, S.-M. ; Wong, T.-Y.; Czernichow, S.
Feb-2011Peripheral refraction and refractive error in Singapore Chinese childrenSng, C.C.A.; Lin, X.-Y. ; Gazzard, G.; Chang, B.; Dirani, M.; Chia, A.; Selvaraj, P.; Ian, K.; Drobe, B.; Wong, T.-Y.; Saw, S.-M. 
Jan-2012Replication of 13 obesity loci among Singaporean Chinese, Malay and Asian-Indian populationsDorajoo, R.; Blakemore, A.I.F.; Sim, X. ; Ong, R.T.-H. ; Ng, D.P.K. ; Seielstad, M.; Wong, T.-Y.; Saw, S.-M. ; Froguel, P.; Liu, J.; Tai, E.-S.
30-Aug-2011Retinal microvascular changes and subsequent vascular events after ischemic strokeDe Silva, D.A.; Manzano, J.J.F.; Liu, E.Y.; Woon, F.-P.; Wong, W.-X.; Chang, H.-M.; Chen, C. ; Lindley, R.I.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Wong, T.-Y.; Wong, M.-C.
Oct-1997Risk factors and clinical outcomes between fungal and bacterial keratitis: A comparative studyWong, T.-Y.; Ng, T.-P. ; Fong, K.-S.; Tan, D.T.H.
Dec-2007Risk factors for contact lens-related Fusarium keratitis: In reply [3]Saw, S.-M. ; Ooi, P.-L.; Tan, D.T.H.; Khor, W.-B.; Fong, C.-W.; Lim, J.; Cajucom-Uy, H.Y.; Heng, D.; Chew, S.-K.; Aung, T.; Tan, A.-L.; Chan, C.-L.; Ting, S.; Tambyah, P.A.; Wong, T.-Y.
Aug-2009Testability of Vision and Refraction in Preschoolers: The Strabismus, Amblyopia, and Refractive Error Study in Singaporean ChildrenTrager, M.J.; Dirani, M.; Fan, Q.; Gazzard, G.; Selvaraj, P.; Chia, A.; Wong, T.-Y.; Young, T.L.; Varma, R.; Saw, S.-M.