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2006Antioxidant activities of aqueous extracts of selected plantsWong, S.P.; Leong, L.P. ; William Koh, J.H.
2009Bioassays for estrogenic activity: Development and validation of estrogen receptor (ERα/ERβ) and breast cancer proliferation bioassays to measure serum estrogenic activity in clinical studiesLi, J. ; Gong, Y. ; Shen, P. ; Wong, S.P.; Yong, E.L. ; Lee, L. ; Wise, S.D.
29-Dec-2004Characterization of antioxidants and change of antioxidant levels during storage of Manilkara zapota L.Shui, G. ; Wong, S.P.; Leong, L.P. 
2001Magnetic domain structures and magnetotransport properties in Co - Ag granular thin filmsChen, Y.J. ; Ding, J. ; Si, L. ; Cheung, W.Y.; Wong, S.P.; Wilson, I.H.; Suzuki, T.
2009Pharmacokinetics of prenylflavonoids and correlations with the dynamics of estrogen action in sera following ingestion of a standardized Epimedium extractWong, S.P.; Shen, P. ; Lee, L.; Li, J.; Yong, E.L. 
2007Sensitive and rapid method to quantify icaritin and desmethylicaritin in human serum using gas chromatography-mass spectrometryShen, P. ; Wong, S.P.; Yong, E.L. 
2009Simple and sensitive liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry assay for simultaneous measurement of five Epimedium prenylflavonoids in rat seraShen, P. ; Wong, S.P.; Li, J. ; Yong, E.L. 
2007Standardization and evaluation of botanical mixtures: Lessons from a traditional Chinese herb, Epimedium, with oestrogenic propertiesYong, E.L. ; Wong, S.P.; Shen, P. ; Gong, Y.H. ; Li, J. ; Hong, Y.