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1990A randomized, crossover trial of Sarna and Eurax lotions in the treatment of haemodialysis patients with uraemic pruritusTan, C.C. ; Wong, K.S.; Thirumoorthy, T.; Lee, E. ; Woo, K.-T.
2005Appropriate use of personal protective equipment among healthcare workers in public sector hospitals and primary healthcare polyclinics during the SARS outbreak in SingaporeChia, S.E. ; Koh, D. ; Fones, C.; Qian, F.; Ng, V. ; Lim, M.K. ; Tan, B.H.; Wong, K.S.; Chew, W.M.; Tang, H.K.; Ng, W.; Muttakin, Z.; Emmanuel, S.; Fong, N.P.; Koh, G.
2006Deep excavations in Singapore marine clayShirlaw, J.N.; Tan, T.S. ; Wong, K.S.
Apr-2005Health economics of renal replacement therapy: Perspectives from SingaporeTan, C.-C. ; Chan, C.-M.; Ho, C.-K.; Wong, K.S.; Lee, E.J.C.; Woo, K.T.
Nov-2011How can we improve clinical research in clinical practice with better research outcome?Woo, K.T.; Wong, K.S.; Lee, E.J.C. ; Chan, C.M.
May-2011Impact of patterns of proteinuria on renal allograft function and survival: A prospective cohort studySuhail, S.M.; Kee, T.S.Y.; Woo, K.T.; Tan, H.K.; Yang, W.S.; Chan, C.M.; Foo, M.W.Y.; Li, H.H.; Siddique, M.M. ; Wong, K.S.
Apr-2005Laparoscopic-assisted colon and rectal surgery - Lessons learnt from early experienceKoh, D.C.-S. ; Wong, K.S.; Sim, R.; Ng, Y.P.; Hu, Z.Q.; Cheong, D.M.O.; Foo, A.
Aug-2012National health survey on the prevalence of urinary abnormalities in the population: Then and now (1975 to 2012)Woo, K.T.; Chan, C.M.; Wong, K.S.; Choong, H.L.; Tan, H.K.; Foo, M.W.Y.; Anantharaman, V.; Lee, E.J.C.; Tan, C.C. ; Lee, G.S.L.; Yap, H.K.; Tan, H.B.; Chin, Y.-M.; Lim, C.H.
2007Necrotising colitis related to clozapine? A rare but life threatening side effectLeong, Q.M.; Wong, K.S.; Koh, D.C. 
30-Sep-2002Optical properties and time-resolved photoluminescence of conjugated polymers with europium complex side chain as an emitterWong, K.S.; Sun, T.; Liu, X.-L.; Pei, J. ; Huang, W. 
2002The effect of intracanal Ledermix on root resorption of delayed-replanted monkey teethWong, K.S.; Sae-Lim, V.